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Julia Lawton about her new book, ‘The End of The Beginning’.
We need to write a new chapter says Kate Wright.
Comparison is an identity thief, a friendship killer and a confidence stealer says writes Georgina Vernon.
Jesus is the Man who can, explains Jackie Walker.
Reflecting on 2021 can bring back all sorts of memories, feelings, experiences and surprises, both good and bad.
Beryl Glass says God wants to draw our attention to those whose hearts he is opening.
Whatever home looks like for you, this pandemic with its 'Stay at Home' message has turned home-life upside down. Now is an important time for women to build up their family says Beryl Glass.
Watching a homeless man give away his jacket helped Aspire’s Rachel Gibson understand authentic community.
We are pleased to announce that this year's Aspire conference will be streamed this Saturday on our Elim YouTube channel for free.
Three Aspire team members look back at a year of ‘holy uncertainty’.
Lockdown has been tough, but it can inspire change and allow you to leave behind what was slowing you down.
Join us for a jam-packed night of worship, the Word, laughter and seeking God together!
Leanne Mallett shares what the ministry of Aspire is all about.
Mission throws up all kinds of challenges – but it can change your life, writes Hannah Newton.
Jo Marks explains how an experience at traffic lights in Iceland allowed her to reflect on simple acts of kindness
God cares about every little detail, so why not trust him with everything, asks Kate Martin
Creating space for God is essential for every woman, says Beryl Glass.
Many were refreshed in the stillness of God’s presence, writes Ellen Redman
Mum-of-three Julia Lawton thought her life was over when her husband died suddenly. But she discovered that God had other plans
Libby Holt left a piece of her heart in Kenya after a mission trip. She encourages others to do the same
Leanne Mallet speaks to Katie Wright, the newest member of the Aspire team.
Jesus waits for you to come to him because he has things to reveal and challenges to make of you, explains Margaret Peat.
It is better to learn to be ‘still’ than to try to work everything out, writes Leanne Mallett.
You inherited a Jesus status and there’s an entourage with it, writes Beki Nicholls.
Hereford Elim’s Shashikala Lambert turned to Christ from Hinduism after a vivid dream that left her filled with a supernatural love.
Cathy Madavan looks at four facets of a diamond and encourages us to dig deeper to discover more about ourselves.
When City Gates, llford, began a prayer vigil for a hospitalised worship leader a whole new season began, writes Bunmi Adekeye.
500 women attended the launch of Fierce, a new Aspire regional conference for Wales, as Ellen Redman reports.
One Elim project is reaching into the neediest parts of society to offer practical help, as Ali Camp explains.
Anxiety has tried to hold Shannon back for years. But through the strength of God’s Word, she is able to preach and teach.
Never give up on the dreams God has placed in your heart, urges Jen Baker.
Trusting God isn’t just about our words, but our actions, writes Rachel Gibson.
When God told new mum Becky Davies to ‘get out of the church’, a whole new world was to open up.
God is waiting for women to come forward and fight for change, says Ellen Redman.
Too often we look at opportunities from God and focus on our capabilities rather than having confidence in the Lord.
Joining women together for a regional celebration - knowing we are fiercely loved, knowing we can fiercely love.
There are many people who are willing to encourage others, but what about those people who inspire?
What does faith look like in the workplace? It’s who you are more than what you do, says Liz Newton, a Gynaecology Specialist Nurse
Watch out for the new young adult team from Aspire with a heart for women's ministry.
Do you ever feel the demands of church and family get too much? You might not be alone.
Not too many students at Regents Theological College are trained in leading extreme jungle expeditions. Natasha Jesson shares her story.
Our churches are full of women who serve in a humble way without the trappings of superstar celebrity, says Jo Marks.
Aspire, Elim's national women's ministry, invites you to Inspired - a day conference in Manchester
Life isn't always easy but the Word of God can be our anchor in tough times, says Porth Elim's Miriam Jenkins.
Donna Clatworthy-Kitson has learned the peace and love of God in a new way during the long-term illness of her daughter Mollie.
With a drug addict mum and dad, experts say Kirkholt Community Church member Adelle Howells should have life issues. But her faith has proved them wrong.
Being inspirational isn’t just about smashing world records or grand gestures. It can happen in daily life, urges Leanne Mallett.
Join with women from across the Elim family for a weekend of fun, new friendships, great worship and inspirational teaching.
Do you ever face situations where you are unsure whether or not God is speaking to you? These tips from Tania Harris should help.
Confusion is the enemy of many women's destinies. So what can we do to overcome it and stop it taking root? Beryl Glass shares her thoughts.
The Bible tells the story of two Rahabs, one a risk-taker, the other a time-waster. Debbie Bullock introduces the women and asks which one are you most like?
We must look to scripture to make sure we approach what we do with the right heart, urges new Aspire leader Leanne Mallett.
Sometimes it's hard to understand just how much God loves us. But God thinks that we are amazing!
Life's a journey and God can teach us lots along the way if we're willing to stop, wait and listen to him, says Danielle Johnston.
We can all experience difficult times, but we have the assurance that God doesn't intend that we should be alone during those times.
What are the reasons why your women's ministry exists?
With our commitments, we can all too easily miss the one thing that is above them all - Jesus!
As Esther prepared to meet her King, we must prepare our lives for Jesus, our coming King.
The Bible sometimes likens the Christian life to a race. Hebrews 12:1 says, “Run with perseverance the race marked out for you.” However, the Christian life is not just about me running my race alone, it’s more like a relay race.
God's desire is that we grow and increase in every area of our life, but especially in our love for others.
The theme for the 2014 Aspire Weekend, held in beautiful Malvern, is Aspire2Love. In a nutshell, this is the message of the Bible. Love is, after all, the greatest gift. Life is all about love.
Growing up, I developed a mind-set of always wanting to be accepted that resulted to insecurities and constantly seeking for love and attention.
Time is our greatest commodity, and we all have this resource in equal measure. I am sure we can all recount the number of times we have heard someone say, or even ourselves ‘I just don’t have the time’.
Look into the spiritual mirror of the Word of God and act on what you see.
The Foursquare Gospel represents Jesus Christ as the Saviour, Healer, Baptiser in the Holy Spirit and Coming King.
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