Beryl Glass

Invite God into your confusion to find peace

Confusion is the enemy of many women's destinies. So what can we do to overcome it and stop it taking root? Beryl Glass shares her thoughts.

“Confused? Who me? I don’t know? I’m ok then I’m not? I’m sure, then not so! Help!!”

Confusion is like a thick fog that settles across our minds & hearts it slowly wears away at our vision and destroys our inner peace. It has been said about confusion” I don’t know if this is killing me, or making me stronger!”

Confusion has this way of making us suddenly feel uncertain about the vision we have been given or the path that we believe we should be going down and we don’t know where to turn. Confusion leads to bewilderment and huge anxiety if we let it take hold of us, this leads to feeling like we are trapped, lost and so helpless.

To be in a state of confusion is like living in a never-ending nightmare! All around us is a world full of confusion, confusion on many different levels, especially relating to gender and identity at this present time. Many are living life not knowing who they are, how they should live and believing they have no purpose whatsoever, aimlessly moving from one half-baked decision or bad situation to another.

As women who follow Christ, it is vital that we know who we, whose we are and where we are headed.

We are so blessed by the wealth of insights the bible gives us, which, when read and applied to our hearts can bring enormous clarity to our everyday lives.

I have always been encouraged by words in the bible that talk about God bringing light into our situations. God never wants us to be confused, about who or whose we are or where we are going. He is not the one who brings confusion into our lives but peace (1 Corinthians 14:33).

Psalm 119:130 says ‘The entrance of Your words gives light;’ as a spotlight lights up a dark or seemingly empty stage, everything is seen exactly for what it is. When we bring God’s word into our confusion and difficult situations, His word makes things clear and His word shows us which way to go.

Psalm 119:105 ‘Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path’. The words of Jesus echo through my mind ‘I am the light of the world. He who follows me will never walk in darkness’

What a beautiful picture of His Powerful Light, shining into our lives, lifting the gloom of confusion, showing us who we are in him and giving us direction.

As women who have let his light shine into our lives, we, in turn, must continually allow his light to shine out through us so those who are lost in a confused world can know his peace, forgiveness and find a purpose for living. We are not a people who live in a continual fog of confusion we are shining lights for Jesus pointing the way.

Now, coming back to ourselves as women of God, who sometimes or perhaps even regularly struggle with confusion, can we be willing to ask ourselves this question “How do I overcome the confusion in my life and stop it from taking root?”

Well, I did promise you 3 ways to overcome confusion. I’ve always found that when I apply them they begin to work in my life, plus they are excellent disciplines for our Christian walk, (because if you’re like me, we all need reminding of these things, as when confusion strikes they can fly out of the window!)

3 ways to overcome confusion:

  1. Read, and meditate on the Bible – make time each day to read what God says about you, even if you start with just one verse!
  2. Trust God in prayer and commit your situation to Him.
  3. Meet & pray with a friend who you can trust and who you know offers good advice. (And it’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy coffee & cake together!)

Confusion will lift and peace will come. Always be willing to thank God for what he’ll show you in it! It’s amazing the precious insight we can gain from our confusion and difficulty when we invite God into the situation and trust Him to work it out.


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