Margaret Peat

God’s with you no matter what journey you’re on

Jesus waits for you to come to him because he has things to reveal and challenges to make of you, explains Margaret Peat.

I was looking forward to going to church this morning. When I did, I walked along the beach under a rare, blue, cloudless sky. I could have walked for much longer in the sunshine – but I had a destination.

Cleveleys Community Church was alive with chatter and coffee drinking as I arrived for a morning of worship. This morning my destination was important to me and my journey was too.

The woman who came to the well was also on a journey. From a despised group of people, even within that group she was ostracised because, married five times, the man she was now with was not her husband. That’s a journey! But she was on her way to her destination which was so much greater than the well!

The words that Jesus spoke to her there would change the rest of her life. This man she had never met was about to transform her story.

She had no idea but 2,000 years later, we are here reading about her. How amazing is that?

He was waiting

Jesus was sitting, waiting for her at the well. Earlier, she would be preparing her water-pot, sweeping the floor and cooking food. But Jesus had more important things planned for her for that day.

And Jesus waits for you and me to come to him. When you pick up this magazine, open your Bible or set out for church, he waits for you because he has things to reveal to you and challenges to make of you.

He loves to intervene in our journey. He enhances it, redirects it or strengthens us within it, but whoever you are, nothing is by chance. He has planned it all.

It was noon It was the middle of the day. The sun was very hot and no one went to the well then. Maybe today, are you standing in the noonday sun spiritually? Are you thirsty and worn out? Do you feel like you have walked for miles? Do you have emotional sunburn, mind blisters or heat exhaustion? Does the heat of the situation seem just too much?

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. You can stand in that shelter and rest in that shadow right now.

She was coming

And then a woman from Samaria arrived. Suddenly Jesus was there right in front of her! I wonder how Jesus felt when he saw she’d come? He knew that her life was going to change and the rest would be history.

I wonder how God feels right now as he sees you arrive at this very moment? He so much wants to be part of every footprint in your journey. He knows the future. He has it in his hands.

Some Sundays my walks are windy, wet or cold. Sometimes like today, the sun shines. That’s life! Whatever your journey on earth right now, the Lord wants to be there until this life ends and your amazing eternal journey begins.

Adapted with permission from Margaret Peat’s latest book ‘The Well And The Woman’ which is available for £7 plus £1 UK P&P by e-mailing

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