Beryl Glass

Why we all must find time to ‘be still’

Creating space for God is essential for every woman says Beryl Glass

There is so much rushing around in our lives, vital to-do lists and no end of interesting things to distract us. It’s not surprising that we feel overwhelmed and would just like a place to ‘be still’.

We’d like to experience God’s presence, and think about our priorities and bring them into alignment with God’s plans and purposes for us.

At Glasgow Elim, we’ve recognised that women often need to find space to do this and, in order to facilitate this, our Aspire ministry has run two retreat days.

We really value spending time together, enjoying a lovely lunch and creating space to ‘be still’ in a pleasant environment, giving space for God to speak to us, not only through what’s shared but in quiet times of soaking and journalling.

Annette Holmes, from Dundee Elim, came and shared her journey of walking in a greater level of intimacy with God. She was very real and open about the challenges that we all face. In encouraging us to be more intentional about the time we spend with God, she gave us three keys: desire, discipline and delight.

When we set our hearts to desire God more, we want to give him time and space and make him a priority over all distractions. Annette encouraged us not to leave time with God until the end of the day. “That’s really like squeezing him into the smallest of spaces − give him the start of your day; put him first.”

Annette shared that since putting God first, she’s had more than enough time to get all her ‘stuff’ done each day. The more of him we experience, the greater the stillness and peace we receive.

What was really special to hear were the stories from those who attended the day. God was doing beautiful things in so many hearts.

Anne Marie, who came on the retreat, shared the following: “We were encouraged to be still and more attentive in our walk with God, not to focus on what others are doing. The part that really challenged me was that I should have no cause to regret what God has done and how God works on me and in me.

“We saw the example of the clay in the hands of the potter and how a messy piece of clay

is slowly being transformed into a beautiful jug. God is bringing shape to our lives... it can be painful but to realise he is doing a good work in us, shaping and making us, is so powerful. It’s all down to trusting him.”

Why not consider putting on a retreat day for the women in your church?

Here are some ideas to get your planning started:

  1. Choose a venue that’s not too far to travel to. 
  2. Provide everyone with a journal and pen. 
  3. Create lots of space in the programme for listening to music, prayer and reflection time. 
  4. Use a good caterer so everyone gets a rest! 
  5. Never be afraid of the silence... it’s often then that God speaks the most! 

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