Beki Nicholls

Heaven got there before our celebrity culture!

You inherited a Jesus status and there’s an entourage with it, writes Beki Nicholls “He shall be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace.”

Wrapped up in Isaiah 9:6, heaven reveals that you are gifted with an entourage! An entourage is designed to protect and perfect your life, an idea heaven had before it was ever associated with celebrities.

Here are just four of the roles Jesus plays in our entourage:

Counsellor – and no weird counsel at that; just ‘wonderful’. When life gets emotional or confusing you don’t have to work it all out, as his wisdom is on hand. He specialises in every area, nothing is too odd or shocking, he has seen beyond your imagination and it doesn’t faze him! His counsel is even on demand; no appointments or fees, in a moment he can bring clarity and sanity. So, of course, receive natural help when needed but never neglect the piece of ‘wonderful’ already in your entourage.

Trainer – the Bible calls him ‘mighty God’. So who better than the mightiest soul that ever walked the earth to be your personal trainer. The PT’s job is to know your current threshold and tailor a plan that sets you up for growth. PTs make sure you are pushed but never broken, that you feel pain but always for a purpose. He will never allow you to hold weight that you cannot bear. In those moments where you feel the pressure, the mighty trainer comes alongside, reminding you of the strength surrounding you and exchanging your puny for power.

Manager – this character works closest to you and does not have a restricted role. They advise you on people, arrange opportunities, handle finance and most importantly make sure you rhythm your work and rest. In lots of natural entourages, a family member is employed here, recognising the manager is best being someone you trust, to be there no matter the headlines! In the same way, you have the ‘Everlasting Father’, the management of your life is of personal interest to him. On earth, there are present and absent fathers, but he is the faultless father.

Security – a bodyguard, who goes before you, securing the ground you tread. Good security will shut some doors and reroute you in order to protect you. Sometimes we don’t understand the necessity of the ‘scenic route’ but it will always be the most peaceful and secure. The most sacrificial thing about the bodyguard is his willingness to take a bullet for you. Jesus gave his life to secure yours, and still, today has you covered. He is the ultimate bodyguard, the ‘Prince of Peace’, giving you full confidence wherever you go. There are no holes in the wholeness he brings.

You inherited a Jesus status and there’s an entourage that goes with that. Never be negligent in leaving your entourage behind when you walk out the door. Every day Jesus stands in wait to surround you. So, as you walk into your New Year, walk surrounded!

Beki Nicholls is wife to Mike and mum to Judah and Asa. She serves on the team at Elim Northampton as assistant pastor and also leads the women’s department, heading up their DARE conference.

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