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Beryl Glass

Lead yourself well as a woman of God

This is an important time for women to build up their family, argues Beryl Glass.

During the past year the meaning of the word 'home-life' has changed forever.

Whatever home looks like for you, coming out of the pandemic, with its 'Stay at Home' message, has turned home-life upside down. Some have had to leave home to flee abuse, others have had to make a hotel room home; and many homes which once were warm entertaining spaces have become places of loneliness and isolation.

In some cases, homes have lost their lines of definition, becoming workplaces, classrooms and, if possible, spaces to relax in, all rolled up into one.

The influence of our home environment is greater than ever. Either we can shape and form it, or we can allow it to shape and form us.

Reflecting on this, including my own life which was in a lockdown home, Proverbs 14:1 came to mind. "Every wise woman encourages and builds up her family, but a foolish woman over time will tear it down by her own actions."

This season has brought this verse into sharp focus: now more than ever it is important to lead ourselves well as women of God.

I have become so aware how each member of a household can make or break a day in the home, so I am challenged to be the one who encourages and builds up.

Leading ourselves well in a post lock-down home is the opportunity for a new rhythm. For those of you that need to, start small and build.

The longer we pursue our relationship with Christ the more his power works in us. He will give us the grace and strength to lead ourselves and our loved ones.

Our focus will be sharpened to see what we truly need to benefit everyone, not only now but in the months to come.

Three keys to help build ourselves and others up in our home environment

A thermostat sets the temperature, unlike a thermometer which reflects it. I want to set the temperature so it is a warm faith-building environment that encourages and helps those who struggle, even if I might be struggling myself.

To set the right temperature I need to be refreshed. 'Fill your own cup first' may sound selfish, but if I don’t get time to receive from God and make time to look after myself, I’ll not have any capacity to help, care for and build up my loved ones.

We all love a good clear out, but I’m so aware that every day the rubbish builds up very quickly. Desiring to continue in love and forgiveness will contribute considerably to a better environment, and it also helps me focus on the things that I need in my life.

When life is challenging and overwhelming it can be quite easy to throw away some of the good stuff, so a life focused on what God desires helps me to keep what is precious and uplifting whilst removing the unhelpful stuff.


Beryl Glass is an Elim minister in the North West and Scottish Regions, and serves on the Aspire team. She is married to James and they have three (nearly all) grown-up children.

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