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New young adult Aspire Team

Watch out for the new young adult team from Aspire who are a group of young ladies from across the UK with a heart for women's ministry. Leanne Mallet, Aspire Leader, interviews the team.

When did you sense a calling into Ministry?

Libby: Upon arriving at bible college, I thought I had a clear idea of to what God was calling to me to do but things changed with Him asking me to step out into women’s ministry by giving me a father’s heart for women.

Amandah: After my baptism, I felt that God wasn't calling me to be just a church goer or a "Sunday Christian", I felt that he wanted to use me so I became more involved in serving at church through joining the worship team and other youth ministries in the church.

Emily: Around a year ago I developed a passion for youth ministry in particular and have been serving on the youth team since and I absolutely love it!

Lydia: I recognise the huge impact that a youth group made on my life growing up and so desperately see the importance of one for young people today. So last April I started a girls group for girls aged 14-18.

My prayer is that these girls would know that they are loved, that they belong and that they each carry something unique and special. One of my leaders always used to say to me “Our ceilings are your floors.” My prayer is that I can pass the baton on to this next generation of girls. I want to push them further than I could ever go.

Chloe: I've always wanted to be involved with ministry, growing up in church and as a Pastors Kid I've grown up watching church leadership and so I guess it's always been something I just assumed. Going through school and college and earning different qualifications I'd focused more on a secular career, but through this past year I've really felt a hunger in my spirit to step out into ministry, I just had no idea what that would look like.

So I'm so excited to be on the team with Aspire! I really have such a passion for women's ministry and I think it's so essential to the church. Women have so much to give.

What excites you about being a part of this new Aspire team?

Chloe: Before Christmas, I really felt the desire to get involved with women's ministry, and I felt like it was something I'd been called to do. It's been a big prayer of mine for the last few months, so I was so delighted to have been asked to join the team! Women's ministry is so important, and we as a team really want to reach out to all women, to encourage them and equip them! We really want to overcome any preconceptions of women's ministry and to show it's inclusive.

Libby: The concept of having the incredible opportunity to work alongside gifted talented young women, who as a team can innovate how women’s ministry looks and starting that change.

Lydia: I can’t wait to get more involved with Aspire this coming year. I have a real heart for girls and I am looking forward to engaging the younger generation with Aspire. There’s something really powerful when generations of women gather together and I am excited to see women of all ages come together to encourage one another to love and do good works.

Ffion: I’m really excited to be involved in a vision like this that has the possibility to turn into something that will impact this generation of young women. I’d love to be able to reach as many young women as possible as part of a team to help introduce them to new and exciting experiences with God. I’m looking forward to creating our own original events for women around our age and making new connections with people.

Emily: Making new friends and seeing God work through us to impact the next generation

Rhea: It excites me to be a part of the team because we have an opportunity here to shake things up and really step into what God has for us and ultimately what God wants to use us to do in others.

Abi: It's a great opportunity to have others invest in you

Amandah: The opportunity to serve God on a national level and make an impact on young girls and women all over the country.

This year we have been looking at being inspired and those that are an inspiration- who inspires you and why?

Rhea: In a world where we've shoved so called inspirations in our faces it can be hard to find someone who is a true inspiration. But at the risk of being, biased, I have to say that my pastor Mags Hallam is one of my biggest inspirations. The thing that really inspires me the most is her unrelenting faith in all situations.

Ffion: With the risk of sounding cheesy, my parents are honestly a big inspiration for me. They’re some of the most hard-working people I know and continue to stand strong in their beliefs and follow God’s will. They inspire me to have a kinder and more understanding spirit, to follow God’s voice, and to believe in my abilities

Emily: My Nan inspires me- she's battled cancer for 5 years on and off she has never complained once and still has great faith in God. This has taught me that no matter what happens God is still good.


The young adult team from Aspire: Ffion Hughes, Chloegrace Pugh, Lydia Nelson, Abi Mallet, Rhea Courcoux, Libby Holt, Amandah Loz Moyo. Emily Foster is not pictured.

Aspire's aim is to reach, inspire, support and equip women of all ages for the purposes of God. How do you feel we can do this for your generation?

Amandah: Through social media and conferences. Our generation wants role models that they can relate to and that they feel would understand them when they go to them for guidance, encouragement or advise.

Rhea: By creating an environment where it encourages women to step up, step out and be transformed into all God has destined them to be.

Abi: Our generation is often looking for love and affirmation in unfulfilling places. I feel Aspire can help in changing that by showing young women that they do have a purpose and that God loves them immeasurably more than anything on this earth ever can!


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