Cathy Madavan

Shine bright like a diamond!

Cathy Madavan looks at four facets of a diamond and encourages us to dig deeper to discover more about ourselves.


Facet 1: Uniquely made

You probably know that every diamond is completely unique, but did you also know that 80 per cent of them are used outside of the jewellery industry?

These super-stones are used in drills, micro-chips and even laser equipment. Likewise, your value is not defined by how dazzling you might look, but by the unique way you have been made by your Creator – a never-to-be-repeated one-off and bespoke woman, designed for all kinds of fascinating purposes.

Dig deeper: Wouldn’t it be a waste of you if we never got to see the best of you? Pause and give yourself permission to be fully you (so much better than trying to reproduce a copy of somebody else). What are your unique strengths, your passions and your personality? Own them, polish them and be prepared to shine for God – if you can’t be confident about you, then nobody else will be.


Facet 2: Flawed but fabulous

So you’re not perfect and your life is a bit messy. Me too. Did you know when you look down a microscope into a diamond there are marks or ‘inclusions’ inside almost all of them? Flaws are perfectly normal. Let’s see past people’s ‘insta-glamorous’ versions of life and remember that we all have strengths and weaknesses – our own natural inclusions. We can’t all be good at everything, and it’s totally exhausting trying to be superwoman.

Dig deeper: There is a big difference between mistakes that need attention and our natural weaknesses. Frankly, we often overlook or justify our sin but ruminate endlessly over our perceived inadequacies! Evaluate what you say to yourself, ask forgiveness from God where you need it and focus on what you can change rather than your inability to bake cakes. (Other inadequacies apart from baking are available!)


Facet 3: Strong and resilient

Diamonds are just common old carbon that has handled stress exceptionally well! The intense pressure and heat underground transforms the carbon into something unbelievably strong, resilient and beautiful. Of course, we’d all prefer to learn lessons the easy way, but let’s face it: every pressurised place can equip us to bounce back better for the next challenge.

And, as we face our own difficulties, we develop empathy for others as they face theirs.

Dig deeper: How much do you try to avoid risk, vulnerability, discomfort or pain? How can you know more of Christ in your challenges? Could it also be that you need to trust God and push out of your comfort zone so that you grow in confidence ready for some greater faith challenges? Try taking some small risks today and some bigger ones tomorrow.


Facet 4: A worthwhile inheritance

I’d quite like to inherit some diamonds (unlikely but a girl can dream)! Their value rarely decreases and their beauty is rarely tarnished. Those closest to us, for better and sometimes for worse, pass onto us their values, fears and wisdom – and these impact us deeply. So, what precious and valuable ‘assets’ are you passing on to others? Although we are busy navigating our own lives, we each have the opportunity to reflect God’s light and significantly influence those around us.

Dig deeper: Do an inheritance audit of your life: Does your workplace feel different because you are there? How are you investing in the next generation – mentoring, friendship, prayer, fostering, serving somewhere? What values are you intentionally investing in your family and friendships? Pray about how your time, skill and experience can intentionally bring hope and encouragement to others.

Cathy Madavan is a writer, speaker and author. She lives on the south coast with her husband Mark, a church pastor, and they have two daughters. Find Cathy on social media and through her website

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