Shashikala Lambert

I escaped from a superstitious world of darkness

Hereford Elim’s Shashikala Lambert turned to Christ from Hinduism after a vivid dream that left her filled with a supernatural love.

Hinduism is a superstitious, polytheistic, traditional way of life. Little did I know that one day I would renounce my Hindu faith and follow Jesus.

My grandfather was a Hindu white magic practitioner. He took pride in what he did and practised it faithfully. He dedicated my family to serve the gods he himself had all his life.

He passed on this acquired knowledge to the next generation. I grew up practising those rituals and superstitions. In my late teens I wanted to be just like him.

But as I drew deeper into this, I realised that it was a world of darkness. Some of the revelations I had made me shiver in fear. I had all that I wanted, education and a great job, but in spite of all this I felt a void inside me.

Then my family and I went through a major crisis. My heart was completely broken. I had nothing to hold on to. The only way I could think of ending this misery was suicide.

My brother (who was a Christian) told me that ‘Jesus had chosen our family for himself’. I rebuked him and told him to get out of the house. He remained calm and peaceful during my fits of anger. He had something that I didn’t have. I wanted that peace! However, feeling only emptiness within, I chose to die.

My brother’s home was an ideal place to execute my plan because by the time he arrived home from work, I would be dead. Waiting at the bus station a battle was raging within me. Part of me wanted to live and was angry at what I’d become. Gone was the confident and successful girl. I was so miserable. For the first time I felt lonely.

Not one of the Hindu gods came to my rescue. I reached into my handbag for my wallet and found a Bible. I had no idea it was there. My brother had given it to me a few weeks before; I had accepted it just to be polite.

Not knowing how to read the Bible, I randomly flipped through the pages and landed in the Gospel of Matthew. I don’t recollect what I read but I remember that it comforted me.

It was like a light shining through my darkness. Not knowing how and what to pray I said, “Jesus, if you are real then save me.” I boarded the bus without giving up my plan. I cried myself to sleep on the journey. In a dream I saw a man shining brightly, dressed in a white robe, walking towards me with the great authority of a king but radiating the love of a father. I woke up filled with the supernatural love of Jesus. All I knew was that I loved Jesus.

My life didn’t change instantly. It was still the same but I had a new hope. I had so many questions. My mother was unhappy with my brother’s conversion to Christianity. Would she also disown me? My dad would be ashamed of me too. Would I ever get married? I did not get immediate answers but God remained faithful.

Eight years later when I look back at my journey I know God was in control of everything. I wasn’t a perfect Christian. I’ve made mistakes, made foolish choices. In the midst of this God was perfect. He was strong in my weakness.

I have a heart to expand the kingdom of God. In India I’ve served in worship, youth, children, in orphanages, with the HIV-affected, youth ministries as well as missionary work in North India.

In June 2017 I married Matt, an amazing man who loves me and I now live in Hereford, England, serving God there with him.

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