Jo Marks

Who are your game changers?

Our churches are full of women who serve in a humble way without the trappings of superstar celebrity, says Jo Marks.

In November 2016, Victoria Beckham was featured on the front page of Vogue Australia. She looked stunning but this was not what caught my eye. On the front page of the magazine was printed the following: 'GAME CHANGERS. I want to inspire women to be the best version of themselves' VB.

In the feature, Victoria discussed her charity work and what is important to her in her personal life. She also posted a picture of herself on social media 'out on a mission' in Africa- featuring her surrounded by children. I did have a giggle at this picture because any photo that has been captured of myself on a mission in Romania bears no resemblance to that of the image of Victoria!

However, all that aside I began to consider who are the women in my world that I would consider as 'game changers'. Who does inspire, encourage, energise, influence and motivate me?

My answer to this question was not the celebrities as we know them but the individuals who are superstars in God's eyes. I was challenged to look no further than my local church where I began to see some incredible game changers making a difference where they are planted.

These women are using their very own unique gifts in a very humble way - no pictures on social media, no photo shoots... just a daily sacrifice. I began to realise & understand this is all God requires & this results in us being the best version of ourselves.

I want to describe a handful of them to you - I know many of you will recognise women doing similar tasks or roles within your world but have you recognised them as being an inspiration?

There are women who serve the most vulnerable girls & women in our society by loving & caring for them on the streets and within the hostels.

There are women who visit & care for others whilst nursing & caring for their own loved ones at home.

There are women who sacrificially clean & maintain the house ( church) for the comfort of others.

There are women who juggle young families & work to minister & lead in worship on a weekly basis.

None of these women will have their profile on Vogue, but they are an inspiration.

There is an incredible woman in the Bible who is only mentioned briefly in Acts 16 but what is said and unsaid of her is inspirational. This lady is called Lydia. Lydia was a dealer in expensive purple cloth, a wealthy, successful business women (maybe the VB equivalent in those days - not married to a footballer, however!)

Now it does state her heart was opened to the Word & she believed. She was baptised & immediately presented her gift of hospitality to many. It seems that she looked after and invested greatly into the ministry of Paul at this time.

So wonderful was this woman & her ministry that hers was the home Paul & Silas immediately went to when they left prison.

Now here are the unsaid aspects of the Word. This game changer would have cleaned & bandaged their wounds, she would have fed them well & provided a wonderful place to rest. She would have managed all the visitors & help restore to full health these two men ready for their on-going mission. The 'best' in Lydia truly shines as she serves.

Will you begin to look at the individuals in your life in a new way? Look and be inspired. Be encouraged, allow these women to motivate & stir you. Lydia & the other women I have described to you should be on the front cover of Vogue for they were and are the game changers for His Kingdom.

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