Estonia Team

Estonia (UK based)

We are a team of 2 with a vision to serve Elim in Estonia.
Our 'mission statement'  has been echoed by  Romans 1:11:

("My Estonian friends,) we long to see you so that we may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong - that is, that you and we may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith. We do not want you to be unaware, brothers (and sisters) that we planned many times to come to you in order that we might have a harvest among you."

 As a team, our vision is to see a new move of the Holy Spirit in Estonia. We see our part in this as coming alongside established churches, struggling churches and new church plants in order to encourage them, support them, pray for them and generally help in any way we can. Sometimes this takes the form of preaching, teaching and worship and often listening to them talk about their hopes, dreams and problems.

We are connected to the following EKNK churches (Estonian Christian Pentecostal Church):

EKNK Käina
A new church plant on the Island of Hiiumaa - Pastor Urmas Elmi and his wife Kristel. This is the main church we will be working with over the next 3 years.

EKNK Lihula Church (West Estonia)
We have an ongoing connection with Pastor Markko Põld and his wife Maret. We help to run a children's party/gospel events, we  have also been involved in the Bread Church where food parcels are given to the needy by the church and a gospel message is presented - we bring a time of worship and a gospel presentation with an appeal for salvation.

EKNK Turba (West Estonia)
Pastor Sirje Meriküla leads a small church that meets in a flat in a block of flats. We try to support this work each time we visit. We bring a time of worship, a preach and often pray for most of the congregation after the service.

Churches in Tallinn (North Estonia)
Pastor Nikolai Rytkinen is the Bishop that oversees the churches in the North of Estonia. He is a Russian speaking Estonian minister who leads a Russian speaking church. 

We are exploring the possibility of links between the Russian speaking church in Estonia with the church in Siberia that is linked with the Water's Edge Elim Pentecostal church we attend in Poole in the UK.

 We hope that one day the EKNK church will plant a church or home group in the village of Lavassaare where we currently have flats we own and stay in on our visits. We have met with Christians living in the village who have been praying for many years for a work to start there

Hamilton-Amanda-squareAmanda Hamilton

I gave my life to Jesus when I was 13, during an evening youth group. I have two grown up daughters who still live at home with me. I live in Poole, close to the other members of Team Estonia and I am blessed to be part of a wonderfully supportive Elim church called the Water's Edge Church.

God has proved His faithfulness and love through the interesting journey my life has taken and His promise of restoration in my life is part and parcel of my testimony. I have a heart to love and encourage others, a love for the Word and sharing the Word, I enjoy praying for people and have a desire to see souls saved and that those new converts are nurtured and grow in their relationship and faith out-workings.

The Lord has put a deep love for Estonia in my heart and I long to see the outworking of God's plans and purposes for Team Estonia and for the people of Estonia - to love God and be loved by God in all its fullness.

Williams-Keith-squareKeith Williams

I am originally from North Wales, where I met and married my wife, Lynne in 1990.  We have two grown-up children, Leon and Adele and a three-year-old granddaughter, Amelia Rose.  Like the rest of the team, I live in Poole, Dorset and attend the same church (Water’s Edge Elim).

My first experience of Estonia was in 2013 when I drove from England with a family from our church.  I was impressed with the beauty of the countryside, covered with ice and snow.  Even the sea was frozen!  I was also impressed with the people, who were so hungry and open to God, despite having to cope with heavy burdens. I played keyboard in worship services and had opportunities to pray with people. I also took part in a prayer walk, sounding the shofar in the village where we were staying. I felt after returning home that I had “unfinished business” there, and prayed about when I might make another visit.

I visited again in April of last year. This time, I felt the Lord was calling me to bring the message of the Father heart of God to Estonia.  This message has been foundational for me in ministry at home, but this was a specific assignment, for a people who have suffered much from fatherlessness.  In January of this year, I visited as part of Team Estonia, and the Lord revisited the call to bring the message of the Father’s heart.  I believe we as a team are called to bring hope and healing in a land where people have deep hurts and there is much spiritual darkness.

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