Bogdan Pop



Hi. My name is Bogdan Pop and I am married to Andrada.

We live in Sardu which is a village near Cluj-Napoca.

I have lived in Sardu all my life and come from an Eastern Orthodox Church background. When I was 9 years old Bob & Edith McDonald and Liz Face came on a mission to our country. I attended some of their meetings and heard the Gospel explained.

In 2014 I became a Christian and started to read the Scriptures. My subsequent conversion to Christ came with a call to be part of the Roma Church community in Sânpaul, where I am still serving.

I have had the privilege of being involved in several short term missions in Eastern Europe and to be trained through the Elim Missions Academy programme.

Currently I am part of the Corabia Foundation team where I am involved in ministry to children and teenagers and the Roma Church.

I also work in farming and my wife Andrada is a health care professional in the hospital.

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The 2016 MAP (Missionary Apprentice Programme) had it’s first mission trip to visit Bob and Edith McDonald and Liz Face’s ministry in Romania.
It`s amazing to think that it`s a year since we had the re-opening of the house after the fire.

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