Ian & Katie Moore


We are a family of four – Ian and Katie with our two children Kristen and Josiah. Originally from Warrington, since February 2018 we have been based in Skopje, Macedonia working alongside the Oaza Elim church.

Our priority is to raise up disciples who make disciples and we are always looking for opportunities to share the gospel with others. A key scripture for our work is Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes”.

Our Vision

We love seeing the gospel transform and shape people into disciples of Jesus. We have a passion for the church being a ‘family on mission’ - living in a way that reflects the book of Acts where there are strong bonds of relationship and accountability between members of the community, a sense of 'doing life' together and supporting each other to share the gospel with those we meet. We seek to work with and empower the local church to hear God’s voice and act upon what He says.


An important focus for us is on prayer, discipleship and evangelism. We have joined the work of MAKHOP, the Macedonian House of Prayer and partner with other people in the city to worship God and seek his heart for the city. Essential for us is that local Macedonians are involved with all that we do so that we can build something that will last. Along with the Macedonian Christians we do regular evangelism in a number of ways including street mission and ministering at a local drug rehabilitation centre. Additionally, we work alongside missionaries from other organisations who work with the Albanian population of Macedonia. We are passionate about sharing the gospel wherever we are and are always looking for opportunities to connect with the local community.


Latest News

Hi everyone, welcome to our latest update from Macedonia
Welcome to our news from the last two months. For so many of us in this season things are looking very different to how we expected, but God has been faithful and good.
It feels like Macedonia has gone into hibernation this season due to the cold weather! But God never hibernates, He is still at work.
Hello from Macedonia. Here is a brief look at some highlights from February and March.



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