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I have been involved in mission trips to Romania since 2001 when three of us made our first trip to Sardu near Cluj Napoca in the north of Romania. Now, the Corabia Foundation has been established and groups from all over Britain and, more recently, America visit on a regular basis to support the work with children and young people and within the Roma community.

I am from Bradford, West Yorkshire, and have attended the Elim Church there for the last 30 years where I have always been involved in the children`s and youth work. I have three grown up children who all still live in Yorkshire but who have made the trip to Romania on many occasions.

I trained as a nursery practitioner and later as an early years and primary school teacher. I have most recently gained qualifications in leading children and family centres. I am keen to use the qualifications and experience I have gained to serve God here in Sardu and the surrounding area.

Fundatia Corabia/The Corabia Foundation

The foundation is based at Casa Sperantei (House of Hope) in the village of Sardu near Cluj-Napoca in northwest Romania.

The main focus of the work of the mission has always been to bring the good news of salvation to the children and teens of “Zona Sanpaul” (an area of six villages including Sardu. This began with team mission visits from 2002 until Casa Sperantei was built in 2005, providing a permanent base for the work which was first stated by Glenn and Tracy Wilson then Bob and Edith McDonald and currently Liz Face, who lives in the house and heads up the work of the mission. As the work & ministry grew, a youth centre was added in 2009 followed by a centre in the Roma community in Sanpaul in 2014.

As well as the regular activities each week, there are children`s clubs in the different villages, teens` social night, all age Bible study and involvement in the Sanpaul Roma Church. The Foundation hosts mission teams from the UK, Europe and America who join in the work with the children and teens, evangelism, teaching, and practical work. Following the rebuild in 2018 (due to a fire), teams of up to 20 can be accommodated (depending on how the team is made up and their requirements). The Foundation also provides short and long term placements for individuals and is particularly keen to offer placements to those considering going into long term mission a taster/training experience.

There is a team of people involved in the work including Bob and Edith McDonald (now based in the UK), Bogdi Pop, Gabi Boanca and Iulia Dancan from here in Sardu and Paul and April Lawrence from the USA, as well as Liz Face. The Foundation has also made strong links with the local Pentecostal church and a Baptist church in Cluj and other Christian ministries in Romania and churches in the UK, Denmark and America.

In recent times the Foundation has been involved in both facilitating and delivering training, particularly in the areas of mission, discipleship and church leadership.

The house, Casa Sperantei, and youth centre have also been made available to local churches and Christian groups to run camps and Bible study weekends, when not hosting visiting teams.

The Foundation is funded by contributions from churches and individuals who feel led by God to support the work.

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