Alan and Alice Osborn

Estonia (UK based)


Alan has led Elim Oasis Church in Broadstairs, England, since 2015. The church wanted to have God’s direction for connecting, via Elim Missions, into overseas nations, and felt a prompting to explore options with an Elim Global Partner – the EKNK Pentecostal Churches, in Estonia. We met during the churches first short-term mission trip to Estonia, with Alice being part of one of the local churches we visited. A few months later we began dating and married in 2019. We are based in Broadstairs and continue to lead the church, whilst helping to strengthen and build the partnership with EKNK.

Our Call & Ministry

As time permits, we will look to visit Estonia ourselves on a regular basis and continue to take short-term teams over from the UK. In time, it is hoped that mission teams will also come from Estonia to us in England. As missionaries we hope to host teams from other Elim churches into Estonia as well.

We help sponsor people through an addiction programme at the incredible Village of Hope, which was also visited by a men’s team from Elim’s men’s ministry called MPOWER.

In terms of ministry, we believe that healthy disciples will make stronger churches, that can then reach out to society much more effectively, propagating the gospel. God has led us to work with Freedom In Christ Ministries, and we have recently become their Pioneer Leaders in Estonia. Alice is currently translating their well-known ‘Freedom In Christ’ course. We will be piloting that for the EKNK Pastors and Leaders in 2022.

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