Phill & Anneke Taylor



Phill, from England and Anneke, from Holland started to work with YWAM in Holland in 1989. They began part-time but God called them full time to Sweden in 1995.

In the year 2000, Phill was part of a team that walked through Sweden from Treriksröset to Avesta and prayed for the country. God lead them to Bäsksele, a little village in the Vilhelmina County (in the North of Sweden - Lapland) where they bought a farm and started their work with a YWAM Discipleship Training School.

In 2017 they left YWAM and Phill started pastoring. At the moment Phill is a part-time pastor of a church in Vilhelmina. Anneke has been teaching English since 2006 and continues this tent-making ministry.

They have a prayer-retreat house on the farm, available for people to come and spend time with God, with Phill available to give input if needed.

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