Scott Jackson



Originally from King’s Church Warrington, and also a part of the team at the Warrington House of Prayer, I moved and have been based in Skopje, Macedonia since March 2020.

In Macedonia, I am working as part of the team at Oaza Elim Church and the Macedonia House of Prayer (MakHOP).


I love seeing people grow into who Christ has created them to be. I have a passion to see people come to that place of encountering Christ, and walking with them in the process of discipleship and helping to train them so that they can go and make more disciples. Looking at how we share life together, and in how discipleship and mission go hand in hand with prayer and intercession. How to transition from having prayer and church meetings to having a prayer and discipleship culture, where Matthew 28 goes together with Ezekiel 22:30 and 2 Chronicles 7:14.

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