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Married in 1989 Roy and Lainey have three grown children Ryan, Beth and Erin. They use Hungary as their base and minister (primarily) throughout Europe.

They have ministered to marriages since 1993 although there are a number of elements to what they are doing they came up with an easy name to remember for those who are scratching their heads trying to remember that couple who work with marriages. ‘Hitched’ is an umbrella to cover a number of different aspects of their relationships ministry.

Teaching Couples

Not all work with marriages is about counselling, in fact, Roy and Lainey focus a lot on teaching couples skills to enhance married life. From conflict management, through to growing together physically, emotionally and spiritually they teach a range of relationship seminars. If you would like them to come and teach in your church, then please get in touch! 

Life! For Singles

This course is available for any who have groups of singles in their sphere. The course materials can be used with different groups of singles whether it is those who are just starting to explore the possibility of relationships or those who are older. Its focus isn’t solely on finding the ‘right one’ but also about being the ‘right one’. This course is about discovering identity, destiny and doing friendships well!


Recently we have found ourselves being invited to churches to work with their leadership teams helping them to improve couple care in their congregations and neighbourhoods”. Often combining these events with a marriage workshop in the church is an effective way to jumpstart the attention relationships receive in those churches. This has provided an ideal dynamic where many couples are encouraged to have regular marriage ‘health checks’ so they can maintain a good marriage.


Roy and Lainey continue to minister to crisis marriages as and when couples are referred to them by different church denominations and networks. This aspect of marriage work is vital since many of the couples who come to them are involved in churches, ministries and programmes which are reliant upon them. A couple that feels they are drowning finds it difficult to reach out and help others. It is important to make sure couples in ministry get the help they need so they can continue to fulfil the call of God on their lives. 


More recently a new exciting dynamic has arisen “We often found both older and younger singles attending the marriage events we had planned. They needed their hope restored in marriage and shown that marriage could work. Looking at the marriages around them and experiencing difficulties in their own relationships, any hope they had was being eroded. We realised many of their relationship failures were rooted in the fact they didn’t know how relationships work”. It is Roy and Lainey’s goal to reach singles with the message of covenant, and that marriage can indeed work if Godly principles are put into place. Sharing their hearts with singles has become an increasingly large part of their ministry. 

Member Care

An increasingly important part of their ministry now involves walking beside missionary couples, helping them to keep a healthy focus on their marriage and family relationships. “We understand the demands missionary life, living in a different culture, and the pressures of working in a foreign language place upon marriages and families. We have personally experienced the effects all this brings and understand how it can threaten marriage and family relationships”.  Meeting with missionary couples regularly using Skype gives Roy and Lainey an opportunity to remind each couple to not let ministry push family relationships into the background.

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News from Roy and Lainey investing in the church across Europe.
News from Roy and Lainey investing in the church across Europe.
News from Roy and Lainey investing in the church across Europe.

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