Lynette Orange



Lynette grew up in Rugby and has been a lifelong member of Elim Rugby Christian Fellowship. After training to be a primary school teacher and teaching for five years, Lynette felt the calling to experience short term mission and in 2009 went to serve in the Philippines working as a volunteer teacher. This had a huge impact on her life and following a return trip in 2010 Lynette felt the call of God to return to the Philippines on a long term basis. After successfully completing the application process, Lynette was accepted as an Elim Missionary working with City Gates Academy, Manila and arrived there in April 2011. 

City Gates Academy

City Gates Academy is a high quality pre-school from Monday to Friday, where the most disadvantaged receive a free education in exchange for 12-hours of work every month. This provides the parents with the following: First, pride and dignity as human beings; second, an opportunity to wean them from a dole-out mentality; and third, the prospect of instilling them with a sense of community.In addition to the educational program, at the weekends City Gates also hold a Saturday morning feeding program and youth choir open to all children in the local community. They also run activities throughout the summer including summer school and medical missions. City Gates is meeting the needs of their community not just educationally but physically and spiritually.

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