Novi & Sheryl Maatitawaer



Novi and Sheryl run a children's home ministry in Indonesia. They currently care for 25 children ranging from toddlers to 20 year olds and has been taking in at risk kids from many different people groups around Indonesia since 1999.

A sister ministry they have is for single mothers with their children providing live in support and discipleship, teaching parenting and life skills and job training to equip them to be independent and self supporting eventually. They currently have 2 mothers with their 2 children.

They are involved in different ventures in different islands seeking to disciple and mentor communities on how to live a life full of purpose and walk in their God given destiny achieving things they never thought possible.  They intend to build a training centre with a holistic approach covering spiritual, mental and practical life skills designed to help communities to help themselves.

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Sheryl Maatitawaer's news from Indonesia February 2021

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