A new season

We are in a new season of Elim's history. One where we are calling the leaders and members of Elim to come together in order to listen to what the Spirit is saying to us. It is a specific time for us to renew our commitment to the core issues of our calling and purpose, and to step out with faith, with renewed commitment, into the fresh adventures that the Holy Spirit has for us.

Clarifying our Vision

In our ever changing spiritual climate, it is increasingly essential for Elim to know who we are in God and our identity as a movement of Pentecostal people. It is vital for us to be clear about our calling and vision, as well as establish the values and principles which bind us together. This will shape how we make Jesus known and spread his transforming love and life.

Shaping Elim's Future

IMAGINE - Shaping Elim's Future is a timely call for everyone throughout Elim to join together in the shared task of knowing and fulfilling God's plan for the while Elim movement. It is the start of shaping what Elim will look like, how we respond to and engage with the people and communities around us. Will you join us on this journey?

“We are calling every Elim leader, church and member to join with us in imagining that future and take the first steps to shape what Elim will look like.”

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IMAGINE - Latest News

A selection of recommending reading to inspire your leadership journey as we shape Elim's future.

Imagine Elim's Future

The process we plan to take to discuss and discover God's will and direction for the years ahead.



Open, wide and honest conversation



Narrow the focus of the conversation



Creating a new shared vision for Elim



Realigning ourselves in our mission

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