Limitless Pioneers - September 2021

Elim Pioneering Youth Ministry Summit

Wednesday 13 October 2021  10am-2pm (Online)

To equip every Elim church with the tools that they need in youth ministry, to either re-pioneer or start from scratch...

Many Elim churches are currently not doing any youth ministry, many have no young people at all and many still have seen their youth ministry decimated because of COVID-19...

That is why we are calling a day to inspire churches to pioneer new youth ministry - introducing the Elim Pioneering Youth Ministry Summit.

For the Elim Pioneering Youth Ministry Summit, we will run 3 sessions on 13 October, with sessions including:

  1. How to Pioneer a Youth Ministry - Part 1
  2. How to Pioneer a Youth Ministry - Part 2 
  3. Pioneering Q&A and Introduction to follow on resources

For more information and to REGISTER for this FREE event, please visit:

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You can see the full lineup of speakers and teachers, along with the 3 day schedule before you arrive in Harrogate by downloading the event programme

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