Launched in 2017, the Missionary Academy is an essential journey of learning and discovery for anyone seeking to serve overseas with Elim as a long-term missionary. 

Through exploring subjects including cross cultural mission, leadership, theology and the call of God, the Academy offers a year of inspiration and preparation.

The Missionary Academy runs annually from September until June.

In most cases, completing the Missionary Academy is a requirement for anyone hoping to serve as a long-term Elim missionary.

During the Academy, you will receive on-going teaching and mentoring from Elim Missions staff, practitioners and missionaries as well as short-term overseas opportunities and resources to help you study at home.


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"Since embarking on the 9 month course, we have had a structured way to focus on preparing to become full-time missionaries through regular Skype teaching from Paul Hudson and Keith Warrington ... We appreciate the support of Paul and Keith who mentor and guide us, so we always have someone to answer queries and the knowledge that we have all-important prayer backup throughout our journey!  ...We thoroughly recommend this invaluable training and feel very blessed to be receiving it.”

Rachel & Dan Smart – Academy Students 

The Academy culminates with a residential event at Elim International Centre in Malvern. This extensive learning experience features special guest lecturers covering the major lessons needed to thrive as a long-term missionary.

Is the Academy for you?

Maybe you feel a tug in the direction of overseas mission. If so, the Missionary Academy may be right for you. It will provide you with the opportunity to test that tug and to help you to fulfill your God-given destiny. You will do this by embarking on a journey of learning and encounter designed to better prepare you for your mission life ahead.

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"One of the greatest influences on my life as a Christian was 15 months spent abroad engaged in mission. It gave me a global vision, introduced me to the greater needs of counties other than my own, provided me with the opportunity to trust God in new ways, taught me about my strengths and weaknesses and, it provided me with the delight of discovering my potential. It changed my life."

Keith Warrington - Academy leader


Cost for individuals: £1250
Cost for couples: £1850
(Plus mission experience & six books)

“God's provision has been awesome. When we joined in September we had no means to pay for the Academy, or to fund a visit to our placement country. Yet God has provided every single penny we have needed so far. This is a great encouragement to us as we begin to raise the financial support needed for our missionary work.”

Ian and Katie Moore