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In the early days of Elim, the Evangelistic Band lived “on faith lines.” They shared any money or gifts and trusted God for their every need. Times were tough as Britain was engaged in fighting a war on the continent of Europe. Their evangelistic zeal was matched by a courage and sacrifice which saw them ready to pay to reach men and women for Christ.

Then suddenly, and unexpectedly, the news was received that George Jeffreys had been made the chief beneficiary of a sizeable estate left to him by a lady who had died in North Wales in 1917.

A barrister friend advised George to register his Evangelistic Band under the name of the Elim Pentecostal Alliance. This legal registration gave the group official recognition as a denomination and would also save George from tax on the legacy.

When they received the legacy, it was used to pay off the debt on one of the church buildings in Ireland. More significantly, the Elim church had officially begun and plans for its development grew daily.

Extract from ‘Defining Moments: 100 Years of the Elim Pentecostal Church'’ Published by Elim Pentecostal Church. Used with permission.

Imagine what could happen if you leave a legacy

100 years later, it’s your opportunity to influence the next generation of Elim.

Whatever your age, if you have assets such as a house or savings, consider making a will. Provide for your family, look after your friends and consider your church.

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Will you or won’t you? Leave a legacy!

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