Elim International Missions

Elim International Missions was birthed in the wake of this spirit of evangelism and church planting. Missionaries were sent out from 1922, working mainly in Africa in connection with other Pentecostal groups. Originally called The Elim Missionary Society this was founded In 1929. The Second World War curtailed missionary expansion, but in 1945 new developments happened and over the next few years missionaries went out to many countries in Africa, South America and Asia.

Our vision includes not just doing good work around the world, but doing it through the local church. Working alongside our partners, churches and missionaires, Elim Missions is committed to stand with Elim Churches that send and support the empowered missionary, surrendered to the Holy Spirit.

Elim has just over 600 churches in the UK and we are active in nearly 50 countries world-wide.

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