Due to the international nature of the Missionary Apprenticeship Programme/Gap Year Programme (accordingly) and the current outbreak of Covid19, the normal delivery of this programme has been temporarily interrupted. This remains under review, so please continue with your application and we will contact you when this resumes.

What is MAP?

If you want to get mentored by missionaries on the field and learn from those who have gone before, the Missionary Apprentice Programme aims to bring you a greater global view of God's kingdom. 

Get taught and inspired to recognise the call of the Holy Spirit on your life and the endless possibilities opened up by faith in our compassionate God.

MAP is a 2 year journey for young people aged 16-25.
Whether you've just left school, are starting university or working full time, this two year journey of learning will help you develop your understanding of international mission alongside work or study. Applications can be made at any time.

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What does MAP involve?

  • Training days with the Elim Missions department.
  • Short term overseas placements.
  • Regional meetings with other MAP students.
  • Regular conference calls with Elim Missions.
  • Focused devotions.
  • Mission focused reading list - a new book every few months to help you develop your understanding and knowledge of overseas mission.
  • Individual mentoring from an Elim missionary over monthly skype calls, letters and emails.
  • Become a prayer partner and promoter of your missionary mentor.

Who it it for? 
For ages 16-25 this is aimed at those in full or part-time work or study, those who feel like they are still working things out and those who have it all together. It is for all those who are ready to go on a journey discovering the power of Christ across the world and how they can play a part in His plan.


What will I get out of it?

  • An understanding of missional living
  • Knowledge and experience of overseas mission
  • A spiritual and physical journey to explore God's heart for the lost
  • A new perspective and outlook on life
  • Graduation at the end of the two years

How will it work alongside full time study or work?
Meetings and training will be at weekends and skype calls will be organised around your diary. 

The idea is to journey with you through the everyday challenges of work and study, putting into context how the two can work hand in hand.


How much will it cost? 
There is a £50 application fee for the course. Then we will support you on your fundraising journey to cover the cost of your annual overseas mission experience (optional), at approximately £500 per trip. 


MAP visit to Macedonia Autumn 2018



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