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Get you and your church involved with international mission.

Supporting the church around the world is a two way street. We in the UK are rich in resources but there is so much we can gain from the insightful perspective and inspiring stories of seeing God at work in other cultures.

Elim Missions is connected to missionaries, churches and organisations around the world with great vision for what God could do in their nations. Could you partner with them, support them in prayer and help meet their financial needs?

If you are a UK Elim church and are sending financial support to overseas it’s important that you are sending to approved Elim Global partners and members using the correct channels. If you are in any doubt about this please contact us to find out more. 

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Ways to get your church involved...

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Pound by Pound
With every small financial contribution to our work we are able to reach further with the Gospel. Could you encourage your church members to support us?

Pound by Pound

Fundraising events can be a lot of fun and are an exciting way to do a lot of good.


A Shop With Integrity stall is a great way to promote the struggle many workers in developing countries face and also raise funds for Elim Missions

Shop with integrity

Pray with us
Prayer changes everything. Subscribe to our weekly Prayerline e-mails, encourage your congregation to do the same and use these prayers in your meetings. 

Pray with us

Go Overseas

Take a group on mission
Taking a group on a short trip overseas is a brilliant way to serve together, build faith and strengthen relationships. We have a wide range of opportunities available for your church to serve overseas with our missionaries and partners.

Go Overseas

Missionary Apprentice Programme
Our MAP programme is a three year journey of learning and experience for young people with an interest in mission .


The Missionary Academy
The Academy is a year of essential training for long-term missionaries.

The Missionary Academy

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