Pound by Pound

£1 in the UK probably won’t get you very far: a small cup of tea, a pack of doughnuts, maybe a bunch of bananas? 

But around the world your £1 could be someone else’s lifeline. We want to encourage you to give just £1 a week, in fact less, just £4 a month to Elim Missions and see the huge impact that this small amount will have on others. With Pound by Pound we want to not only help those who have so much less, but also give everyone the opportunity to make a difference! 

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Why Give?

Pound by Pound is already making such a difference to the work of Elim Missions around the world. Will you help to further the work? Your donation makes it possible to take the Gospel into new places, to plant more churches and to equip missionaries to accomplish the extraordinary work of God. Can you partner with us as we seek to make Jesus known around the world?



Where Your Money Goes

The Greatest Need: All the money raised, unless otherwise specified, will go where it is needed most.  We have missionary placements working across 5 continents and are also partnered with a number of organisations and churches around the globe.

The money you give will go to help our missionaries, their ministries and projects, church planting training, teaching, healthcare and so much more; all part of the vision of Elim Missions.