Elim, as one movement with many churches, is as committed as ever to move together in mission.

In this decade, we are calling every Elim leader and church to advance into a new season of fresh mission, extending their influence, impact and outreach, reaching and serving the local community and beyond.

Our focus remains on our four strategic objectives – growing and planting healthy churches, developing existing and additional leaders, making discipleship a priority and reaching nations.

Acting as a springboard campaign, Advance seeks to challenge Elim's leaders to consider what’s next in advancing mission through their local church, as well as how they can help other churches and leaders advance in their journey into accelerated and radical mission.

Advance covers the decade of the '20s and not just the year 2020, so this mission focus will gain a life of its own over the coming years.

Initially, we will be gathering and shaping a wide range of resources and opportunities to help Elim leaders and churches share and celebrate stories. We will give examples of what is already working and is fruitful, as well as developing and strengthening existing projects.

At its heart, Advance will take a joined-up approach – taking on board national, regional and local perspectives. Vision and practice will be connected for the entire Elim Movement to grow and advance together with the good news of Jesus at the centre.

Take time to explore Elim's four missional priorities, with life-changing and inspiring stories from individuals and church congregations.

View and download the Advance promotional graphics and resources for your church  

Advance is the result of the three year Vision 20/20 journey to Imagine Elim's future which included Imagine conversations with leaders.


A decade of Elim churches moving together in mission



Every Elim leader being discipled and discipling others

Every Elim church with an identifiable disciple-making pathway

News, stories, resources  

Serve on a team at the Elim Leaders Summit and play a vital role in creating an unforgettable VIP experience for all our delegates.
Over the coming months we will explore the truths on which Elim is built. Simo Frestadius begins with a look at the Bible itself.
Based on the life of Caleb, Duncan Clark’s new book, Wholehearted, encourages us to to live with passion.


Equipping, empowering, releasing & supporting transformational leaders

News, stories, resources  

Innovation, flexibility and faith are key for navigating a post-pandemic world says Glyn Barrett.
Discover who is speaking at our leaders' summit, open to all church leaders, not just those within Elim.
An excellent opportunity for exhibitors to connect with over 1,600 key leaders in Elim at the Elim Leaders Summit 2022.


Planting and growing life-giving churches that reproduce churches across the nation

News, stories, resources  

Iain Hesketh shares some lessons learned from Elim missionaries and their partners.
Equipping mission hearted leaders to thrive in united purpose. Join us in person for the Elim Leaders Summit on 10-12 May 2022 in Harrogate.
How you and your church can help tackle the climate emergency


Becoming an international, disciple-making movement, strategically planting churches and developing leaders across the nations

News, stories, resources  

Iain Hesketh shares some lessons learned from Elim missionaries and their partners.
The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan is facing the triple threat of increased conflict activities, the Covid-19 pandemic, and an ongoing drought.
If you are interested in serving overseas long-term, we would love to talk with you about where God could be sending you. Take a look at these opportunities.
Discover the latest vacancies at Elim International Centre in Malvern. Who do you know that could fill these roles?
At Elim's annual business conference, we took time to remember some of our ministers who have faithfully served the Elim movement.
How do we announce the news of God’s coming Kingdom to a culture that seems oblivious, uninterested and opposed to the message? Watch this important message from Danielle.

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