News from Guatemala - January 2022

Rachel & Oscar Mendoza

A belated Happy New Year to you all!

We are hopeful as we go into 2022 that we will be able to open the Light House again in a more normal way! Please pray with us for this.

But the restrictions over the last months and years have not stopped God moving and working through the people and families on the ground in Guatemala and through the ministry of the Light House. Please find an update from the Lovato family here with lots and lots of photos of all that has been going on, especially over Christmas. One story that particularly touched my heart that Gerardo shared with us, was from the Christmas dinner they arranged for the Mums. One of the mums shared with them the impact that receiving the food bag donations had on her family. Gerardo described how she was in tears as she explained there had been times when she had no food in the house and didn't know how she would feed her family, and at those moments she got a message saying there was a food parcel for her at the Light House, or someone came to the door with a gift of food. We had no idea that things were at that stage or the need was indeed so great throughout the pandemic, but we are humbled to have been part of God providing for these families and we thank you all who gave directly to us or to the Elim Relief Appeal for Covid. You have no idea the difference your donation has made to the families here!

Read the Lovato's report below.

During these months we have been under the restrictions of the government of Guatemala due to COVID 19 and this did not allow us to work normally, however in the midst of all the changes during this pandemic God has been faithful and has provided in many ways for the families of the lighthouse.

This time the provision came from a friend of ours, his name is Dario Delgado, a young man full of the love of Christ who felt in his heart to give a donation so that we could bring food to the families in greatest need.


Packing the food in bags for each family

This year we also had some children who have already grown up and leave the children's group and will spend the next year with the youth group, so we decided to give them a small gift to say goodbye to the children's stage and welcome the youth stage.


As we said before, we were not able to be all together at the Light House, but we did work with the kids in small groups.


Small groups


In the car and in our house

Also we want to thank those who donated for the Christmas gifts, we had the opportunity to celebrate with the Kids and also we gave a gift to everyone in the lighthouse 1 and lighthouse2.


Lighthouse I


Lighthouse II

Also we had the opportunity to go to the streets to give a tamale to the homeless.

That night one man, named Roberto, accepted Jesus! Another lady reconciled with Jesus her name was Mercedes. We are grateful to be able to be a part of this and to see God working even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Prayer Points

  • For a more stable and secure 2022 in terms of health for all countries in the world.
  • For new ideas and strategies from God to continue the ministry
  • Provision for all the expenses of the lighthouse.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. We pray for each one of you and your families the protection and blessing of God during these times and for a 2022 full of surprises from our Heavenly Father.

With love and every blessing, Rachel & Oscar Mendoza and Gerardo & Corina Lovato, The Light House Team

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