And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.’
Colossians 3:17

Reeve's Supporters Newsletter November 2021
Back to School!

We are excited to share that Coron City Gates Academy pre-school has re-opened in October. Although face-to-face classes are still prohibited due to Covid19, a blended home-schooling learning approach has been adopted. This is following success of the same format used by City Gates Academy in Antipolo, Manila. The children will be using electronic tablets with pre-recorded lessons by the teachers, alongside printed worksheets, and activities for the children to complete.

School Term Starts

We have a new teacher employed who will be responsible for the school children and will be supervised by Lynette Orange, the principle and Elim Missionary based in Manila. Teacher Christine or Tin as she is known, is settling in quickly and is an enthusiastic and competent addition to the team. She has a heart to serve God through her work as a teacher which is a blessing to the school.


The parent’s orientation session went well, they were all excited to receive the tablets and home packs for their children’s lessons. A special thank you to the British Women’s Association, Manila who provided the home packs.


Many of the children already attend the various children’s clubs and the parents attend the adult small groups. Those new to City Gates will be encouraged to join the children’s clubs and adult small groups in their area.


Community Outreach Work

Children’s Clubs continue to be well attended. Due to increasing numbers in a couple of areas we decided to add an additional two clubs to enable the children to be accommodated safely in line with Covid19 protocols.


We have also identified a need to engage differently with the older children in the groups, aged 8 and above. We are now doing a different activity with them, where they are given opportunity to develop more of their skills and knowledge educationally but also spiritually. Many are learning bible memory verses and some of the older children are also helping with the younger children’s clubs. They are really enjoying having something a little more challenging to do.


Adult Small Groups continue to also be well attended. We are thankful to God for the regular parents who not only attend small groups but who also have a heart to serve in their communities. Some are becoming regular helpers in the children’s clubs and are being active in their communities’ identifying needs and supporting people in practical ways and through prayer.

Craft Group

We have had great fun starting a craft group for the older children and youth who live in a compound close to our home. It is a great opportunity for us to get alongside the young people in our neighbourhood and have fun craft activities for them to enjoy. Whilst doing the craft, we are finding that they like to share with us how life is for them and the challenges because of Covid19 especially in relation to their education. It is a privilege to be able to minister to them in this way.


Covid19 update

Cases continue to decrease on Coron more challenging to do. and more people are being vaccinated. We praise God for the opportunity for the teachers and staff team to receive their first vaccine in October. Local tourism opens up again on Coron in November. With tourism, there is the potential increased risk again of more cases here, however, it will greatly help the economy and give opportunities for work again for those who have not been working due to the tourist industry closing during the pandemic.

Five Birthdays and one Wedding!

When we looked back over the things we have done over the past two months we couldn’t help but laugh when we remembered the title of the famous film with a similar theme!

We have been blessed to be invited to so many birthday celebrations of both children and adults within the communities we are ministering.


Birthday parties here are wonderful times of celebration. They usually involve lots of food, particularly spaghetti and pancit (stir fried noodle dish), both signifying “long life”. The longer the spaghetti and noodles the longer the life!! The wonders of local culture and traditions! Alongside the food the adults love Karaoke and if funds allow, they will hire a machine for the party. Once they start singing there is no stopping them! so it was a relief we didn’t have to subject them to our ‘dulcet tones’!

Birthdays for age 7 and 18 are particularly special here in the Philippines and they will have a specific programme where for example on a girl’s 18 th she will receive 18 roses, 18 candles and 18 gifts from different individuals who will present the items and share a wish for the birthday celebrant. Needless to say, birthdays are not quick affairs!

Last month we were also invited to the captain of the local Barangay’s (bit like the UK equivalent of the local councillor) wedding. He was marrying his childhood sweetheart after many years following the passing of her previous husband. This was a whole community event.

Christmas 2021 is Coming!


Christmas 2020

We are excited to be planning the Christmas parties for the children. We will be holding them in all the areas we have children’s clubs and will be involving the adults from the small groups. There will be an interactive Christmas Bible story, games, a Christmas action song and craft activity and of course food. Alongside these activities we hope to give each of the children a treat gift bag to take away and if possible, a Christmas food pack for each family.

Praise and Prayer

Thank you for your prayers.

  • We praise God that the school has reopened and for the families we have contact with. Please pray for the opportunities to share the gospel with the children and parents through the school.
  • We praise God for the continued attendance and growth in the children’s clubs. Please pray for God to continue to work in the lives of the children who attend the children’s clubs.
  • We thank God for the continued growth in the adults in small groups and for their sharing of the gospel in their communities. Please pray for opportunities to develop future leaders through these groups.
  • We thank God for the regular adult and youth members of the church and for their commitment to help and serve in the community work. Please pray for them to grow in confidence and leadership skills through serving.
  • Please pray for protection and safe management of tourists that may visit Coron and for opportunities for jobs for the families who have been struggling in communities we work with.
  • We praise God for donations and pledges already received to bless the children and families at Christmas. Please pray for further provision to enable us to bless more families in the communities.
  • We praise God that all the documents required to apply for our visa renewal are completed and are now with the agent in Manila who will process the application with immigration. Please pray for this to be a smooth and speedy process.

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter, we are so thankful for all your support and could not be doing any of this work without you.
Many Blessings
Love from Andrea and James

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