News from Guatemala - January 2021

Rachel & Oscar Mendoza

Happy New Year to you all! We want to start this year by recognising the amazing hard work of Gerardo, Corina and their wonderful children in continuing to shop for, pack and deliver food parcels to families in the Light House community.. we know from the conversations they have had, particularly with the mums, that the need continues and families are still struggling because of the Covid pandemic. Well done Lovato family for tirelessly serving this community even in the most difficult of circumstances. Here are a few photos from last Sunday’s delivery– the families were so happy to see them and sent their thanks and blessings to all involved. We want to send our heartfelt thanks also to all our faithful Light House supporters, your giving makes this possible.


4-sWe are also really excited to be able to tell this story.. On a recent visit, Gerardo and Delmys, our volunteer from Honduras, were able to talk with some of the mums about the struggles they have been facing throughout the pandemic (socially distanced of course!) One of the mums opened up about the fears that her son had been facing because of it. During the conversation Gerardo asked if she had accepted Jesus in her heart, and he described how with tears in her eyes she said no, and started praying herself to invite Him in! We thank God for how he is meeting his children in the midst of this crisis and allowing our beautiful team to be part of it!

This last year has been so challenging for everyone in so many ways. We know that many people have been hit financially by the pandemic. We are so grateful to all those who have sacrificed to give to the work in Guatemala. The support we have coming in for the Light House has also been affected by the challenges of this year and we currently need to raise £150 a month to cover ministry costs. This is not a huge amount, if we can find 15 people who are able to give £10 a month we will meet our goal! The need is real but we trust God to provide as He has always done. If you or your church or group would like to be part of this ministry and get involved financially in any way please do get in touch with us directly at and we will connect you with Elim Missions. Thank you all so much for your love and support, you make a genuine difference in the lives of children and families in Guatemala.


A little bit of joy in the midst of challenging times for us all.. At Christmas the team invited the Light House kids to meet in the open air for a short time to listen to Christmas music, tell them the Christmas story, pray together.. and of course to give them their Christmas presents! It was truly wonderful to see them all back together again, and to see how much they've grown even in these few months! Their mums even sent us some pictures of them on Christmas day once they had opened their pressies! Happy Christmas everybody.. Feliz Navidad a todos!


God Bless and Stay Safe, Love Rachel & Oscar Mendoza

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