Kevin & Teresa Pickup


My name is Kevin and I am an Elim Pastor/Missionary along with my wife Teresa and two of our three children, Rhys 14 and Scarlett 12. We were called out of Launceston Elim in North Cornwall in July 2016 to answer a clear geographic call to move to Bayonne in South West France. Our eldest daughter, Izzi chose to continue her education in the UK and currently lives with Teresa’s parents until she starts university in September 2018.

Our Journey

I was the assistant pastor at Gateway 2 New Life Elim Church in Launceston North Cornwall from September 2012- July 2016. Teresa and I both project managed the Gateway Centre, a large building that the church moved into in 2013. Teresa pioneered the ROC (Redeeming Our Communties) outreach clubs and events and was the founder and leader of WOVEN women’s ministry.

While driving through France in 2010 God gave us a burden for France as a nation. Knowing we were called to France, we continued to pray for the nation and explored France for six years until the Lord revealed the exact location He wanted us to serve Him in. Whilst on holiday in Bayonne in 2015, the specific geographic call was confirmed to us individually.

Our Vision

Our vision is to pioneer three missional communities in the BAB region, (Bayonne, Anglet and Biarritz). This is an inter-linking agglomeration area of the Basque Country. Our task is to build Christ Centred, missional communities of hope to an un-met people group, who meet regularly to share faith and how we can apply this lifestyle choice to our everyday living by learning and growing together.

BAB Church currently meets every Monday night in our home, this group is mostly French speaking. We plan to host an English speaking mid-week day group in Anglet in 2018. We are encountering many un-churched people who are hungry for discipleship and God’s love in their lives. 


We are running Freedom In Christ Courses to individuals and Church leadership teams in the area. We are mentoring a young French couple who plan to open a Christian cafe in the area, as this is something we ran in the UK, this is an exciting opportunity for us to get involved in. We are also part of the Basque prayer network called ‘Zerutalur’ (Heaven meets Earth) who meet regularly in St.Martin d’Arrossa and various locations in Northern Spain. This group of individuals have a heart to see revival take place in the Basque Country, everyone lives in different regions, to which there are four regions in Northern Spain and three regions in Southern France.

Elim Missions News

We have news!
What an exciting and mega busy start to the Autumn we have had!
Spring is in the air and we can’t honestly believe where the time has gone.

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