Daniel Habtey News - May 2022

”Making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil.” Eph 5:16


Joseph leadership Academy

Recently Joseph leadership Academy had 38 students graduate, mostly from Israel. This time the course was different as it was via Zoom Virtual Course, which helps have a better fellowship with students.

A student, Tesfay, rang me, and told me how my teaching and personality impressed him. That led into an intense discussion about his faith and spiritual journey. He confessed that his personal saviour is Jesus Christ and he’s in a disciple fellowship. He asked if I would mentor him and teach his children. Tesfay is a good man; his wife and youngest son are in Eritrea, and his two grown children live in Europe. He was blessed with my teachings and wanted to put his children in the courses.


I asked Tesfay about his spiritual journey, and he said he was better than before. He’d like to go further in his journey, and pleaded for guidance. Tesfay also wants to bring his wife and son from Eritrea. Please pray for their reunion as a family. I spoke to his elder children, and they are humble and hard working, and now are enrolled in a personal development course.


The Purpose of Joseph Leadership Academy is to train church and community leaders and to individuals, to transform a community. The Eritrean diaspora is dispersed all over the world due to political and religious persecution, as a result the community has developed a fragmented nature, which is worsened by the education lack and tense relations. Joseph Leadership Academy aims to raise quality leaders to be properly equipped to be able to transform the community.

Dual Purpose
As a missionary, I’m using education to restore faith. I’m delighted for the students, especially for Tesfay who entrusted me with his family. Tesfay is just one of the students reaching out for spiritual guidance, most are political leaders, business owners, or individuals looking for personal betterment. Please pray for wisdom and for more opportunities for His glory and advancement of His kingdom.

Middle East Trip

Transformation from housemaids to a house light

God is using many housemaids for a spiritual blessing in the Middle East, just like the young girl who brought complete healing to Naaman, commander of the army of the King of Syria

The housemaid said to her mistress, “Would that my lord were with the prophet who is in Samaria! He would cure him of his leprosy.” 2 Kings 5:1-2

My recent tip was extremely encouraging and promising for the future, helping the housemaids to do even better for themselves and their ministry. I strongly feel they need our attention and support.

Salvation in the middle east

Thousands of Eritrean/Ethiopians work in the Middle East. They have a wonderful opportunity, more than anyone else, to be a light in the household of many Middle Eastern people. As a result, 7 people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. 3 of them are from an Ethiopian background, the rest are from other backgrounds. This is a most important and highly satisfactory journey.

Personal Development Training

The opportunity is great, but the challenges are high. They can lose their jobs and there is rife abuse which leads to runaways and forced prostitution. Such kind of people need a lot of comfort and hope to strengthen themselves to continue in life. Housemaids who have never experienced church fellowship need encouragement, training on how to communicate better, follow up discipleship, personal development, and skills for life.

Additional Blessing

My recent trip to the Middle East was enlightening and productive. I met two women who played an important role in my life. First, they helped me to grow in my spiritual journey and secondly when I graduated in a health profession, they surprised me by preparing a special meal for me and my friends to celebrate. I had no family to do that for me, and it was very thoughtful act. After 23 years, God gave us an opportunity to discuss more about back home. This was an additional blessing as it was not planned at all. Please pray and support this ministry.

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