News from Janine Stellatos - October 2021

In Tanzania with the Maasai Children


Last week we did Sunday School among the Maasai children in the outback Tanzania with our Metro Team in Tanzania. We spent time investing in the team there encouraging them and also did a program in one of the local schools.

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I sat where they sat


Ezekiel chapter 3 he says I came to them of captivity and I sat where they sat and remained among them 7 days overwhelmed. In one area where we reach the kids .. families literally sleep in caves overnight and make fires to keep the hyaenas away.. that’s if they can find any firewood.. during the day they hammer stones and break them into small pieces for ballast to use in construction and are paid half a dollar for a wheelbarrow full. Twelve hours or more daily to fill one or two barrows to survive. Sitting all day, rain or shine too try and feed their kids.

A group of us from Metro Kenya including Pastor Bill and myself spent the night sleeping in the caves .. sitting where they sit.. trying to sleep in extremely cold temperatures on the rough ground. We took them food, and did a Sunday school program with the kids. We spent one night.. they spend every night.. barely any blankets.. barely any food.. it’s an experience I shall never forget nor can erase from my mind but it’s also an experience they will never forget. In the words of one of the Mama’s, “ no-one has ever done that”. We identified with them in that one act. Sounds like Jesus doesn’t it? He left all of heavens glory to come and identify with us.

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