Elim Missionary Opportunities


Over 40% of the world’s population are classed as unreached, meaning that they may have never heard the Gospel. As a Pentecostal organisation, we believe that we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to join in with God’s Missions. So Elim Missions are passionate about pioneering Gospel communities into new nations, especially where there is yet to be an Elim presence. If you are interested in serving overseas long-term, we would love to chat with you about where God could be sending you. Please email us to discuss the options available at: missions@elim.org.uk

Are you still exploring where you could serve? Perhaps God could be calling you to serve at one of our upcoming opportunities:



Our partner organisation, Challenge Ministries Swaziland (Eswatini) requires suitable volunteers to fulfil the following roles:

1. Special Needs Teacher

2. Occupational Therapist.

Both positions are for volunteers with appropriate qualifications, and who have a sustainable income of approximately £560.00 per month, which will be required for:
Food, Cleaning Supplies & Toiletries
Other (eg internet, mobile phone)

If interested please contact Mandy Campbell on: mandy.campbell@elim.org.uk