Lynette Orange: March 2021 Newsletter

Because He loves us


I watch over 60 lesson videos a week, and our teachers are doing an amazing job!

“It is good to look back at a difficult time and just see how God has worked and brought things to fruition, in spite of ourselves and our weaknesses and strengths. And Why? Because He loves us.”

This quote is the words taken from an email sent by a dear member of our Elim Missions team and it perfectly sums up these past few months, as you will read!

These past few months have seen many tears of frustration, desperation and at times hopelessness, wondering when I can return to the Philippines. Doors appear to be firmly shut and no amount of knocking is opening them! However, it is only now, now that I am at peace and have truly surrendered and released all my plans to the Lord am I able to stand back and view the bigger picture. I realise these months are not wasted and in fact a different fruits and new opportunities have appeared.


Enjoying a winter walk with Jane, who also lives in Manila and Rugby! She is also a member of BWA and has been a great help volumteering at the academy in the reading programme

"Patience is not my ability to wait, but my ability to keep a good attitude while I wait" (Joyce Meyer). I pray that during this waiting time, as we wait for “normality” to resume we can keep a good attitude, stand back and look at all that God is bringing to fruition, despite our weaknesses!

Distance learning continues

7I am so proud of all our teachers, staff, parents and students who are working tirelessly to ensure that CGA continues to function with quality and excellence. The teachers have become very skilled in IT during these past few months and I am thankful for their patience as we coordinate and communicate not just over the internet but also across time zones too! As we approach our final term I continue to be impressed by the progress of the children’s learning. Their circumstances, challenges and surroundings are not a barrier to their learning. Together we are making sure no child gets left behind.

St. John’s Vaccinator

8On the day I was told it was unlikely I could return before my Philippine work visa expired, 18 th February, I received a call from St. John’s ambulance asking if I wanted to pursue becoming a volunteer vaccinator. I truly believe this was a supernatural door being opened for me. Training involved hours and hours of online learning, it provided me with updates in my Basic Life Support as well as being trained to administer the vaccine. This will not only benefit me here, but I can take back with me to the Philippines and hopefully be of use there too! I have already completed my first shifts and I have to say it is an incredible experience.

Training and Preparation

9Over the past 6 months there have been great opportunities to access online training and I have been making the most of these sessions. From Google classroom to Oak Academy the resources produced and innovations that can be used to enhance distance learning have been incredibly helpful. I have a challenge on my hands over the next few months as we prepare for finishing one school year and starting the next. There has been no update on face- to-face learning and so we must continue to prepare for distance learning. The academy will also continue to expand as we will take on Grade 6 next year. This will see the completion of our dream to cater for children from Nursery to Grade 6. We will need new teachers as well as new curriculum so I have a very busy few months ahead!

With love always,


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