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Sharon's News from Chad - December 2020

Dear Supporter,

sharon1It's now two months since my return to Chad. The first week was spent in quarantine. Mercifully, the Covid test at the end of that week revealed no cause for concern. I was thus free to leave quarantine and prepare to move out to the Guera.

As the preference was that we travelled by private rather than public transport, it was all a bit of a rush as I tried to buy essential items such as a stove top, pots and the like for setting up home in Bitkine. With help, this was achieved and I was able to travel out with fellow workers four days after leaving quarantine.

In the Guera...


Last December the pressing question was: 'where am I going to live?' God used the lockdown period to facilitate the building of the house I now live in (see images below).

View from the yard
The living room

I love the fact that it feels light and airy - even if it's a bit bare!

Language Learning

As I sat on the mat this morning with my language assistant, my head felt very heavy and tired. Can you imagine my delight when she smiled at something that I had said and remarked upon my improvement? Thank you for your continuing prayers!

Scripture Engagement(SE)

Currently, my time is divided between language learning and Scripture Engagement. Consequently, I am accompanying my SE colleagues as they go about their work.

Last week I observed my supervisor undertake a Recyclage in the Kenga language - a refresher course for 'teachers' of preschoolers; training them how to teach the kids the alphabet in their mother tongue.

Primer in Kenga
NT Chadian Arabic
John 3: 14-20 Roman script

Wayne Dye's Eight conditions are a fundamental tool of SE - to learn more see - Eight Conditions. In conjunction with the Welser scale, they facilitate the analysis of Scripture use in a given community. In this way, stakeholders are able to appreciate what is good in what they are doing and at the same time, find meaningful and relevant ways to strengthen areas which are considered to be weak.

We are undertaking this analysis across some of the language communities with which we work in the Guera. I mainly observed as a senior colleague recently led one such analysis. As well as gleaning insights into the technical skills required, I discovered that the translators are delighted that the Bible is now available in Chadian Arabic - and in different formats(See images above: NT). It affords a certain liberty to people to access the text for themselves, make comparisons and form their own opinion about Jesus and Christianity.

Snapshots from my life

My landlord's family


Left:Barka, Amos, Kadija   Centre:Ajide & Kids   Right: Me & Barka


Enjoying a lovely meal together


Colleagues together: American, Swiss & British enjoying a meal with my host family, the pastor of the church I attend and his wife.


Prayer Points

Praise God for

  • good Covid tests results
  • a lovely place to live in Bitkine
  • continued improvement in my learning of Chadian Arabic
  • sustaining relationships
  • he continuing reminders of His presence with me.

Please pray that:

  • God will send me people of peace who will act as door openers
  • God will grant me relationships that will help me to develop and thrive in the culture and in my role
  • God will give me ideas and opportunities


As we approach the end of an unusual year, uncertainty and insecurity abound. The season is a timely reminder that Immanuel, God, is with us. So we continue to trust and hope.

I see this hope and trust expressed in your continuing support for me and interest in my work. Thank you!

May God's peace be your abiding experience !


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