Robinson ministry update - 19th October 2020

Ali Robinson


You may have received a long email from us a week or so ago which contained several of our most recent updates. Tim has been working hard on developing a new website for us and as he is learning how the new ropes work it turns out some of them don't do quite what he had expected! THEN there was a problem with the account on the new site and it was taken off line. It is back now and do check out the new site.


We held our annual SIL Nigeria (Wycliffe's partner organisation that we work with in Nigeria) open day on the 1st October, which was run as a joint in-person and online event. Tim was very involved in the logistics and in running the technology on the day, which as you can imagine were a little complicated! We had a good number of local church leaders who were able to attend in person and the online stream has (at the time of writing) been watched 831 times! If you want to take a look, here it is.


I want to ask you to please pray for something urgent that has come up in the last week. First, some background. Over the last year and a half Tim has been working with a particular language community to help put together a proposal for a significant project in their language, spoken by a largely unreached people group here in Nigeria. This has involved 4 sets of meetings with the key local stakeholders to ensure that the project will genuinely meet the needs of the community, it has involved setting up agreements with partner organisations (this alone took 6 months!), in fact some work has already started on the project itself. We heard a week ago that there are some wrinkles in the application that need to be ironed out before the partner organisation that we are working alongside will agree to help fund the project. Please pray for this situation. It is hard for me to emphasise enough just how strategically important this project is and just how much work has gone into making sure that the project is really going to be what the community needs. Please pray that a resolution can be found that will still enable this people group to receive high quality scripture and the materials and training to fully engage with it. Thank you for praying with us. Thank you for your involvement in our lives and ministry! We appreciate you!

Prayer That God's will would be done in the project situation For continued wisdom in finding a good work/life balance Praise God is sovereign and he is our provider in all areas of our life and work For a successful Open Day.

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