Elim, as one movement with many churches, is as committed as ever to move together in mission.

In this decade, we are calling every Elim leader and church to advance into a new season of fresh mission, extending their influence, impact and outreach, reaching and serving the local community and beyond.

Our focus remains on our four strategic priorities – growing and planting healthy churches, developing existing and additional leaders, making discipleship a priority and reaching nations.

Acting as a springboard campaign, Advance seeks to challenge Elim's leaders to consider what’s next in advancing mission through their local church, as well as how they can help other churches and leaders advance in their journey into accelerated and radical mission.

Advance covers the decade of the '20s and not just the year 2020, so this mission focus will gain a life of its own over the coming years.

Initially, we will be gathering and shaping a wide range of resources and opportunities to help Elim leaders and churches share and celebrate stories. We will give examples of what is already working and is fruitful, as well as developing and strengthening existing projects.

At its heart, Advance will take a joined-up approach – taking on board national, regional and local perspectives. Vision and practice will be connected for the entire Elim Movement to grow and advance together with the good news of Jesus at the centre.

Take time to explore Elim's four missional priorities, with life changing and inspiring stories from individuals and church congregations.

View and download the Advance promotional graphics and resources for your church  

Advance is the result of the three year Vision 20/20 journey to Imagine Elim's future which included Imagine conversations with leaders.


A decade of Elim churches moving together in mission



Every Elim leader being discipled and discipling others

Every Elim church with an identifiable disciple-making pathway

News, stories, resources  

Learn and grow in youth ministry through academic study and practical placement, based either on campus or in a church community
Listen to teaching and conversations on our Elim podcasts including the Limitless Leadership podcast, the MPOWER podcast and the Reach podcast.
Will you join us in praying for your Easter and Alpha Online events as together we reach out with the good news of the gospel?


Equipping, empowering, releasing & supporting transformational leaders

News, stories, resources  

An interview with Dominic and Catherine De Souza, who chair Elim’s new Justice Forum.
Learn and grow in youth ministry through academic study and practical placement, based either on campus or in a church community
Tim Alford continues his Leadership 101 series, asking 'what is your passion?'


Planting and growing life-giving churches that reproduce churches across the nation

News, stories, resources  

As the largest registered provider of church-based childcare in the UK, Elim nurseries have a huge impact on their communities.
When Steve Robinson at Elim Bewdley felt the Lord tell him to dream bigger he never expected to live the vision out.
Find the hope and life that Jesus brings to the world by exploring life's big questions.


Becoming an international, disciple-making movement, strategically planting churches and developing leaders across the nations

News, stories, resources  

If we want to be effective in mission, it will cost us something, says Iain Hesketh.
It’s been a tricky year for Elim Missions as most of the world went into lockdown, but it hasn’t stopped the spread of the good news.
Iain Hesketh focuses on the phrase ‘make disciples of all nations’ and digs in a little deeper into what Jesus was asking.
Elim churches are joining together for Elim's first national online evangelism event which culminates in running Alpha Online. Sign up and join our Really Good News campaign.
Dave Newton hosts a video conversation with special guests to help you navigate through the ethical issues of the coronavirus vaccine. This panel discussion looks at the vaccine from a medical, theological, pastoral and personal perspective.
Dave Newton, Principal of Regents reflects on the summer months and Covid-19

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