Prayer is that good: See for yourself

People can find it hard to pray because we normally feel we have to pray in a certain way. Sometimes, the way we see prayer happening is a little scary. It’s hard to know how we can pray like other people. But, that’s the point – we’re meant to pray in the way that God made us. Hopefully the idea of talking to a great friend is a helpful one. We can share what’s really going on with God, without fear, and without having to do certain things or say certain words. We can communicate from our heart and God listens.

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Prayer is more than talking: Be creative

Some people will know immediately what they can do to be creative in prayer. If you’re some kind of artist then you’re probably quite excited about the thought of using your skill as a way of communicating and praying to God. But for others it’s a little more difficult. And that’s ok. We all pray differently, and like we said in the last section – finding and exploring the ways you can express yourself is really important. this is good! So don’t worry if you don’t think you’re a very creative person.

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Prayer is our life Mission

It’s easy to wonder sometimes why God doesn’t just prove himself in the way we want. Why doesn’t he reveal himself to the whole world in a way that everyone would understand? It’s kind of strange that not even Jesus’ disciples understood this, even when God was standing in front of them! It was so different to what they’d imagined. When one of the disciples asked, “Why don’t you show yourself to the world,” Jesus responded and said, “If you love me, I and the Father will come and make our home in you.” The conversation is in John 14.

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Through prayer we can see Justice

Justice, as an issue, is fairly popular at the minute. And this is both good and bad. It’s good because issues of injustice around the world are easy to find, there are people everywhere passionate to make a difference, working hard to meet the needs of the worlds’ most vulnerable. But it can be unhelpful in other ways because it can make you feel very small – when the problems seem so big and so many; it’s easy to ask ‘what difference can I make?’

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