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Celebrating success in challenging times

Regents’ graduates of 2019-2020 finally had a chance to mark their achievements as they joined colleagues from the class of 2020-2021.

Imagine completing a degree while locked down during a pandemic.

For the Regents Theological College students who achieved this, their graduation ceremony last year was an extra-special celebration.

The ceremony, in the magnificent Worcester Cathedral, was super-sized – the pandemic has forced the cancellation of the 2020 event, meaning that 102 students from the college’s 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 courses, along with 500 guests, gathered to celebrate.

“As Pentecostals, we don’t often have this kind of pomp and ceremony, but it was a fantastic moment to honour the students with their families, supporters and others who cheered them on,” said college Principal Dave Newton.

Dave is full of praise for the undergraduates and postgraduates who excelled despite studying in a very challenging environment.

“The 2020 graduating year had had their studies interrupted for their final three months. Then the 2021 year was significantly disrupted as they had to translate to online studying, Zoom-based teaching and digital resources.”

If transitioning to lockdown learning wasn’t enough of a change, some of this group were also the first students to trial Regents’ new mode of studying.

“In addition to our residential students, we welcomed students who travelled in and out for their studies while also working at placements.

“It was incredible to see their achievements. They didn't leave having simply obtained a degree, but had had significant practical experience along the route too.”

Dave said there are further changes being introduced over the coming months, including new leadership, mission, and creative courses to complement Regents’ existing theological training.

The pandemic has also sparked a change in the way the college will deliver its training in future.

“We’re looking at digital provision to complement our current face-to-face programmes. We’ve recruited new lecturers and starting to explore multiple location provision as well – asking whether we can bring courses to students rather than just having them come to Malvern.”

“I'm really proud of how Regents helps people in their future life and ministry.

“Graduates have become youth workers and assistant pastors, gone into teaching, marketplace ministry, further study or begun working towards ordination as Elim ministers.”

Could this be relevant to you, he asks. Might God be calling you to study?

“You might have never thought about it, but we train people to serve where they are and in new places where God is calling them to be.”

Our life-changing time at Regents

“If you are thinking of studying for a theology degree, I warmly recommend Regents. You will discover your true calling, pursue your potential and hone your skills and giftings. This will deepen your theological understanding and your confidence in God’s Word, and stretch you in every sphere of your life – all for the glory of Jesus.”
Scott Templeton, Associate Minister, Kensington Temple

“Regents created a safe environment for me to unpack my beliefs, giftings and calling. I’m so grateful to the community of staff and students who all contributed in helping me develop my head knowledge, transform my heart and practically equip my hands for service.”
Nadine Harris, Limitless Festival Exhibition and Volunteer Team leader

“I had a life-changing time at Regents. I’ve made lifelong friends and learned so much about God, theology and the church – and about myself and why I think the way I do. The context learning programme made a degree possible. Without that option, I would never have been able to study full-time while also working.”
Chris Bullock, Coedpenmaen Community Church

“I will be forever grateful for my time at Regents, for the many things I learned that prepared me for ministry, for the long-lasting friendships I have made and for the many challenges. It was like a mountain I thought I could not climb, but by God’s strength, I was able to make it to the top.”
Gianluca Saldana, Assistant Pastor, Barking Elim Church

Thinking of studying theology?

As the biblical teaching centre of the Elim Churches, Regents Theological College has been 'training leaders and transforming lives' for nearly 100 years, fulfilling Elim's vision to release people into ministry and mission.

With an 'applied theology' focus Regents undergraduate and postgraduate degrees balance the spiritual, the theoretical, and the practical, enabling students to apply what they learn in their church and their wider communities. 

If you're thinking of studying theology, the College also hosts a number of Open Days throughout the year, both on campus and online. For further details click here.

First published in the February 2022 issue of Direction, Elim’s monthly magazine. Subscribe now to get Direction delivered to your home.

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