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How do you lead church in a post-Covid world? American author, speaker and pastor, Ed Stetzer, shares some thoughts.
To equip every Elim church with the tools that they need in youth ministry, to either re-pioneer or start from scratch...
We asked some of our Elim leaders and Elim Leaders Summit speakers to share a leadership tip to help encourage, develop and inspire you. Watch them on online.
How do we announce the news of God’s coming Kingdom to a culture that seems oblivious, uninterested and opposed to the message? Watch this important message from Danielle.
The pandemic jolted us into radically reforming the way we do ministry and mission – with digital technology at the heart of this change.
George Jeffreys, the founder of Elim recounts how the Movement started out in Ireland, testifying to God’s faithfulness as a prophecy is fulfilled after the prayerful and determined efforts of just a few committed believers bore fruit.
A brief historic overview of the history of Elim - the first 100 years
The Wondrous Elim Bible Week Ireland is going online this week, with worship and teaching engaging the whole family.
We are pleased to announce that this year's Aspire conference will be streamed this Saturday on our Elim YouTube channel for free.
We are pleased to announce that our two Elim Leaders Summit Online evening celebrations will be streamed live on our Elim YouTube channel.
Find the hope and life that Jesus brings to the world by exploring life's big questions.
Will you join us in praying for your Easter and Alpha Online events as together we reach out with the good news of the gospel?
We are so excited to invite you and your church to actively join our next Engage Prayer day on Thursday 11 March at 7.30am and 7.30pm.
If the mission mandate from Jesus was to make disciples, how are we doing 2000 years on? How broad does the mission of Jesus extend? Get mission ready. Watch recordings online.
A free online conference for church pastors, staff teams, technical teams and your church
At the start of the new year, we invite you and your church to join us to pray together as one movement on Thursday 7 January 2021.
This Christmas, discover the really good news of Jesus, the hope and life that he brings to the world.
Save the date and join us for 3 days of prayer and fasting from 15 – 17 September 2020.
A conversation covering key youth ministry topics with top practitioners and thinkers, designed to help youth leaders reflect on their practice and flourish as a leader.
Watch the talks from the Elim Leaders Summit from May 2020
Is it possible to see people come to Christ in today’s culture or is it something from a bygone era that we have to reluctantly leave in our archives?
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