Benefits of being an Elim Missionary

Member Care

  • Access to a team of experienced member care advisors
  • Accountability
  • Relational support
  • Personal debriefs
  • Fully catered retreat at Elim International Centre (1 night) during Home Furlough, (including access to an outdoor pool, tennis courts, the Malvern Hills and a meeting with the International Missions Director and missions staff)
  • Emergency support at all times, including security and evacuation training and contingency plans
  • Resettlement training, counselling and debrief
  • Includes care for children and teenagers

Personalised Training

  • Pre-field training through the Missionary Academy 
  • Access to ongoing online missions training (as of 2021)
  • Access to ElimNet (an online resource centre)

Network Support

  • Monthly Online Hubs providing ongoing spiritual formation and personal development with Elim Missionaries and staff
  • Support from Elim Missionaries globally through social media and secure communications network
  • Promotion of your ministry through the Elim Missions website and social media
  • Newsletter assistance, circulation and promotion
  • Regular prayer support through weekly prayer mailing list
  • Be included in an online year book of Elim Ministers and Missionaries
  • Support for your sending Church
  • Connection and access to Elim UK Churches
  • Assistance on arranging Church visits during your UK furloughs
  • Connections with Elim Churches, partners and member organisations globally

Administration Support

  • Ongoing support from the Elim Missions UK office staff
  • Practical pre-field administration and guidance
  • DBS Check and certificates
  • Information regarding National Insurance, Income Tax, Wills and Pensions (we are not financial advisors but can assist and point you in the right direction)
  • Flights and ATOL assistance
  • Visa Assistance, including letters of invitation
  • Opportunities to be included in a travel and emergency medical group insurance, including repatriation
  • Risk Assessment Assistance
  • International Projects assistance, including building and maintenance

Financial Support

  • Budgeting assistance
  • Create personalised direct debit forms for you to use
  • Create personalised online donation links
  • We help to facilitate sending UK donations overseas 
  • We facilitate Elim churches sending finances to Elim Missionaries (as required by the Charity Commission Compliance)
  • Monthly financial reports of your donations

Additional Support

  • Bi-annual Elim Missionary Conference, fully catered in the UK for 5 days.
  • Missionary Credential on request
  • Missions Office Manager available to assist you with any enquires.
  • Option to receive monthly updates from Elim's Direction Magazine
  • Option to host short term teams and individuals: Elim Missions staff will also assist with team logistics, such as flights, visas and training etc.
  • Opportunities to connect with Shop with Integrity