The Z to A of Spirituality - Part 1

Tim Alford and Laura Hancock unpick the recently published report from Youth for Christ, The Z to A of Spirituality

It's a fascinating conversation that stimulates all kinds of relevant questions for our youth ministries, including:

  • What is the impact of spiritual experience in the lives of young people?
  • Why do more young people believe in ghosts than God?
  • Have we lost our spiritual awareness?
  • How do we has youth workers facilitate healthy spiritual experience with young people?
  • How do we create youth ministries that are unashamedly spiritual without being weird?
  • What do so many young people have a negative view of church?
  • Do young people believe Jesus was a real person?
  • And just how important is it to equip young people with the tools to share Jesus?

And that's just Part 1! Enjoy the conversation...

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