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Sonia Harris

Five words that made my head spin

Bible teaching about marriage shocked Sonia Harris when she first became a Christian. Now she’s written a book about it.

"Marriage is a lifelong commitment...” I didn’t hear the rest of the sentence. Those five words made my head spin, and I couldn’t focus on what was being said. I was attending a Sunday service as a brand new Christian and I had not heard anything like this before. I had my life-plan all mapped out and it involved marriage, children, divorce and single parenting. This is what I had known and what had been displayed all around me whilst growing up, and I had adopted this model as ‘the norm’.

But, as a Christian, I was now being taught that marriage is a lifelong commitment.

As time went on, God began to transform me, and my mindset shifted. My priorities changed.

Layers of hurt, pain and doubt began to peel away. It was not an easy process. At times, I felt incredibly lonely, but never alone. I knew God was beside me, walking through this process with me.

As a young girl, I had been rejected by my dad, and, following a 17-year absence, God instructed me to reconcile with him. As incredibly difficult as that seemed at the time, I knew I had to obey God. I made the call and my healing began.

 As I let go of the bitterness and anger that I had been carrying for so many years, I was freed from my emotional prison and God released me into marriage.

My husband Rob and I began to serve in the marriage ministry within our church, leading sessions and coming alongside struggling couples. What began to stand out to us was the variety of deeprooted ‘hurts’ that were being carried into marriages, and wreaking havoc. We knew something needed to be done to help these couples, not only within marriage but before they even got to that stage, and God laid upon my heart to write a specific course for single people who were seeking marriage.

In 2016, the Rooted for Relationships course was birthed. Its aim is to take a look at yourself as a single person and prayerfully address any issues or concerns before entering into marriage.

In 2018 the Rooted for Relationships book was released. Aspire, along with my local women’s ministry, City Women, have been instrumental to my transformation and, after 15 years of marriage, whilst I am still learning, I am no longer the broken young woman whom God saw fit to remould and relaunch.

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