How do you lead well in a rapidly changing world?

Elim's National Leadership Team have produced a series of short videos about 'Adaptive Leadership'. They bring key leadership insights to help leaders adapt to an everchanging world.

These videos are published on Elim's YouTube channel and are available to watch below.

Leadership buzz – Duncan Clark

Join Duncan Clark in learning to listen to your soul and find true meaning for your life in a way that no buzz from the joys or the demands of leadership can ever touch you.

Gathered community in a scattered church – Stuart Blount

Stuart Blount shares some of the challenges of maintaining community in our lockdown scattered church, whilst also seizing the benefits it brings as we anticipate the moments when we can gather again.

The emotional impact of doing church online – James Glass

James Glass explores some of the pressures created by maintaining an online presence, suggesting some ways to manage those pressures to make the most of the opportunity.

The importance of pastoring the hurting and the grieving – Kevin Peat

Kevin Peat reminds us that there is a time to grieve and mourn but also how that in time we can lead people beyond the storm of sadness this season in our nation’s life has brought.


What is Church? How the current crisis affects our view of Church – Colin Dye

In this video Colin Dye explores how the current lockdown has posed some very valuable questions for us about how we understand the church as different from a building and associated programmes.


A theology for tough times – Dominic De Souza

Dominic De Souza leads an excellent exploration of the scriptures as he unpacks an understanding of the reality of tough times and suffering in the life of the believer.


Creative tension – Steve Ball

In this video Steve Ball talks about the importance of correctly managing tension in order to make use of positive tension but avoid the more negative aspects of damaging tension.


Staying structured in lockdown – Edwin Michael

Join Edwin Michael to explore how you as a leader can maintain a good rhythm of life and leadership even amid the restrictions of the lockdown seasons.


Transitioning from church online to online church – David Campbell

In this video David Campbell considers the differences that can occur between simply replicating church services online and using the advantages of technology to further our mission and ministry.


Handling conflict digitally – Paul Hudson

Paul Hudson shares some valuable advice about how to handle the conflict that can still arise in church life during lockdown, with practical insights that leaders can use as they remain remote from many of their own church leaders and family.


Fresh perspectives on worship and communion – Chris Cartwright

Join Chris Cartwright as he stretched our thinking on some of the ways we have settled into patterns of worship that the lockdown creativity of many churches will shape some new fresh ways of meeting God together.

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