Published on: 16/06/2020


New Elim Missions Training Academy

At Elim Missions, we wish to support our missionaries for sustainable overseas ministry. One of the important ways to do that is through training,1 and we are very excited to be launching our new Missionary Academy this September.

The Missionary Academy now has two starting dates during the year in September and March. It begins with a residential weekend at Elim International Centre in Malvern to meet the Elim Missions team and other missionary candidates in person. The Missionary Academy includes a strong emphasis upon personal discipleship and peer support through biweekly online hubs to facilitate learning together with those who are undertaking a similar journey towards being an Elim Missionary.

One of the amazing benefits of the Missionary Academy is that it will now be completely tailored for each individual as a part-time online course. The content and time frame will vary depending upon each individual’s previous experience and training but also concerning their ministry calling. This means that missionary candidates can study from home, in partnership with their local Elim Church, whilst being supported by Elim Missions staff and journeying together with other missionary candidates.

Our aim is to help missionaries to connect with God, with one another and with the mission of God. Currently 42.5% of the world are considered unreached, never having heard the Gospel,2 so Elim Missions are passionate about pioneering new Gospel Communities into unreached nations. For those wishing to pioneer ministries in unreached areas, the Missionary Academy will support missionary candidates through UK ministry training in partnership with local Elim Churches.

The Missionary Academy features on-going teaching and mentoring from the Elim Missions team and other experienced practitioners, alongside short-term overseas opportunities. Training covers a diverse range of topics needed to thrive as a long-term missionary, such as: Adaptive leadership, Dynamic discipleship, Effective evangelism and Cross-cultural mission.3

If you are interested in applying for the Missionary Academy or would like more information, please email Danielle Face We also have more information available on our website

1 June 2020:
2 June 2020:
3 For further modules details, please see:



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Danielle Face
UK Missions Training Coordinator

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