What Is Next For The Church?

An interactive conversation led by Mark Pugh and guests who look at what has fundamentally changed in the world and what do these changes mean for the church? What is God saying to ministry leaders at this time? His guests include:

Duncan Clarke: Senior Pastor of Coventry Elim Church – a vibrant and growing expression of the church. Duncan is a great thinking and communicator and has a great gift for creating clarity.

Patrick Regan OBE: Founder and CEO of Kintsugi Hope. He is helping churches and other organisations understand emotional and mental well-being so everyone can grow and flourish.

Simon Barrington: Founder and Director of Forge Leadership. He offers great insight into leadership development and is passionate about mobilising the church to stand alongside the suffering.

Emma Stark: Founder and leader of the Glasgow Prophetic Centre and leader of the British Isle Council of Prophets. Emma carries both a strong teaching and prophetic gift.

James Aladiran: Founder and leaders of PrayerStorm. A powerful ministry that is mobilising the church to new levels of passionate prayer for revival.

Rachel Hickson: Leads Heartcry together with her husband Gordon. They specialise in training the church in the areas of prayer and the prophetic.

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