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We are living in challenging times. Many nations are experiencing lockdown measures to protect their populations from the Coronavirus. The reality is it is the poorest areas within our world’s developing nations that are hardest hit.

In 2021, some nations are seeing their way out of the pandemic, while others are being ravished by second and third waves that are causing untold devastation on their people.

Some nations are currently struggling to battle the pandemic and for so many people they are living a daily, seemingly hopeless, fear-filled existence. We receive reports from Elim Global Partners and workers in some of these nations who are suffering with the virus, losing loved ones to it, as well as trying to lead their churches and communities through their loss and sickness.

It is still the case that the lockdowns, necessary for the protection of the people, will result in large amounts of people not being allowed to work. The consequence of this will be the inability to feed their families, to pay bills and to pay their rent. If they don’t work they don’t eat.

The Elim Relief Appeal was setup in April 2020 to provide aid via our Missionaries and Elim Global partners to some of the poorest communities on earth. Over £72,000 has been distributed over this time and has reached thousands of communities through Elim workers. We thank God for those partners throughout the world who are able and willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need within their communities.


On behalf of our partners and missionaries, we are so grateful for the generosity that has been shown so far to countries around the world. Your support is needed now more than ever.

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“We left the capital for rural Liberia to share rice with 500 people in Benville, Todee and Kakata.  communities. We were warmly welcomed and the gifts were appreciated by the beneficiaries. Widows, single mothers, and pastors received rice. We were able to share the good news of Jesus Christ and pray for people before the distribution.  God was glorified!

Thank you so much for identifying with us in these unprecedented times. May God bless you and bless the Elim Church.” God bless!”

Emmanuel - Africa

“The Elim Global Mission UK sent us funds to help unprivileged people here in Bangladesh. We were successfully handover the Elim Mission gifts to the needy peoples. We want to say thank you so much for your generous gifts to my peoples. We were able to give to 67 Families, 276 individuals.”

Oasis  - Asia

“We gave away 37 packages to our Pastors and church planters within our church planting movement, travelling to 8 different provinces. Thank you so much Elim Missions team, you have really blessed the people of Cambodia.”

Pastor Seang – Asia

“Thank you for your donations from Elim Relief Appeal Funds for the emergency feeding and support of rape survivors in Rusayu, D.R.Congo. We are very grateful for your continued support for the rape survivors of this area. As you are aware the need is great and it is a privilege for Comfort International to partner with Elim to provide free healthcare, food and clothing for these courageous women.”

Elim Global Partner – Africa

“We thank God for the amazing generosity of our supporters in response to the need for emergency relief for our beneficiaries. These funds have gone to Africa to help our Street Kids and Child Support Projects, Mums & Babies, the Children of Liberty, Rape Survivors, Congo Teachers, Genocide Survivors, Communities and others in particular need.

Without this help many would have been without food or other basics. We are also very grateful to those who have taken part in innovative fundraising ventures throughout the past few months.”

Elim Global Partner – Africa

“We are glad that we were able to be sensitive to the COVID – 19 Crisis and also able to respond to it in terms of our mission. There were demands from people who had very low income and who were depending on streets but now are locked up in their homes with zero income. Hence we arranged for an emergency relief activity to provide them with basic food materials like rice and grocery packs. We could support 230 people in and around Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India.”

Pastor Ellis - Asia

I distributed provisions, vegetables and rice In villages with your greet help. The people who received this help are very thanking you and praying for our ELIM.

Thanks a lot for your love and great help for India. Praying for you to help many when they are in need.

Pastor in Asia

We are keeping serving the most vulnerable children and families who have been hit harder in Pakistan.

We have fed 4,080 people, around 48,960 meals were given of 680 families in different parts of the country. We couldn't have done without your generous support. The need is still huge we appreciate your support in prayers and finances.

Pastor in Asia

"Hundreds of families were provided with food, rescued from eviction and provided with the care that their families and businesses needed to stay afloat."

Partner in Western Asia

“As a pastor and a Church within the community, we thought that it is important to help our community as God provides to us, so that families have food. We are looking for God’s glory through all of the situation.”

Elim Global Partner  - Africa

“The pastor has done a tremendous effort to sustain the local people. The Church has done a lot of good will gestures in terms of health and food.”

Elim Global Partner  - Africa

Through the ERA we were not only able to distribute many tonnes of dried food provision, but we also took with us a message of hope.

In one community we held a meal where we shared the gospel message and we saw 6 people from that community respond to that simple gospel message. It was amazing to see houses, not only receiving a gift and provision from people they weren’t looking to, but they received something even more precious and valuable; that personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour.

John & Rachel McDonough, Elim Missionaries, Paraguay

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Once this aim has been achieved, or not enough money is raised to carry out this aim, any surplus or unused funds will be used for our charity’s general aims, including other disaster relief projects we are involved in.